Audition Notice: Epic Productions presents “Den of Thieves”

Auditions: May 22-24 | Performances: November 21-24

Epic Productions is holding auditions for its first show: Den of Thieves, written by Stephen Adly Guirgis and directed by Johnny Cortes. The auditions will be May 22nd to 24th from 6-10pm at Mainline Theatre (3997 St Laurent Blvd). The show will run November 21st to 24th. Character descriptions and a summary are provided below.

Summary: Maggie is a young single woman trying to change her life. She and her sponsor Paul are part of a twelve-step program intended to help recovering thieves. When Maggie’s no-good ex and his new girlfriend arrive and tell them about a large sum of unguarded drug money, she and Paul give into their lesser instincts and decided to assist in the robbery. Predictably, things don’t go according to plan.

Character Descriptions:

  • Maggie: Latina, Female, 20-25 years old. Recovering thief, struggling to get rid of her stealing habits and ex-boyfriend. 
  • Paul: African American, Male, 25-30 years old. Optimistic leader of a support group for recovering thieves. 
  • Flaco: Caucasian, Male, 25-30 years old. Maggie’s ex-boyfriend. Impulsive and acts like if he was latino. 
  • Boochie: Latina, Female, 20-25 years old. Prostitute with the reading level of a 3rd grader. Currently dating Flaco. 
  • Little Tuna: Male, 25-30 years old, a bit shorter. Italian mobster type, small but still doesn’t take crap from anyone. Loves donuts. 
  • Sal: Male, 30+ years old, bigger body build. Hit man for little tuna. Enjoys killing people. 
  • Big Tuna: Male, 50-60 years old. Italian mobster type, father of Little Tuna, the big man in charge, but always keeps a promise.

If you’re interested in auditioning, send your headshot, resume, and the role you would like to audition for to


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