OFFTA announces 13th edition programming

10-day festival unveils lineup with 20 events in theatre, dance, performance and multidisciplinary arts

LA SERRE – arts vivants is thrilled to unveil the program of the 13th edition of OFFTA, held next May 24th to June 2nd, 2019. The festival is an invitation to discover emerging artists in live art through over twenty shows (theatre, dance, performance and multidisciplinary arts). This year, OFFTA reaffirms the importance of keeping the festival as a testing ground, to explore the intangible link between process and sensibility, and how this relationship sculpts our perception.

“Its lexicon, organization and logic have invaded every part of our lives. Sometimes emancipating, sometimes overwhelming, work occupies the major portion of our daily schedule. But why do we work? And on what? What space does this human activity applied to the production, creation and maintenance of things occupy? 1
For the OFFTA’s 13th edition, we want to assert the festival as a workspace that promotes this notion of “maintenance.” Partly because we showcase works in progress, but most importantly because this year, feedback, discussions and radio recordings over meals will permeate the festival’s interstices. This is our way to shed light on an often-overlooked part of the work, and to take time to help artists in their creation process.”

– Editorial excerpt from Un travail sensible

Source : Larousse

OFFTA 2019 is…

ten days of festivities
eighteen shows and performances
four open studios
three days of process-oriented workshops
one outdoor participatory work
two public spaces
one daily radio show
five convivial meals
one literary investigation
three festive events
ten days of constructive feedback


This year, the festival’s program offers festivalgoers an exceptional and unique way to experience the work of inspired – and inspiring – artists.

After La singularité est proche (2015), Jean-Philippe Baril Guérard returns to OFFTA with Capitalisme tardif, a lecture that will teach you how to turn the end of the world into a business opportunity.

With Se prendre, circus artists Claudel Doucet and Cooper Lee Smith investigate the notion of intimacy through their acrobatic practice, performing in an apartment in front of a small audience.

Let the meteorological world take you away in this double feature: sun sets by a collective composed of Sam Bourgault, Magali Casaubon, Emma Forgues, Isabella Leone, Madeline Joyce Smart, Leyla Sutherland and Eryn Tempest, and Pathetic Fallacy by Anita Rochon | The  Chop.

Boris Dumesnil-Poulin’s performance Le Nuage de l’inconnaissance / The Cloud of Unknowing and the stage reading of Good boy by its author Antoine Charbonneau-Demers are two solo shows that will transport you to a world where reality and fiction meet.

An ongoing process which began as Aattitle (2015), lcr.i/2569/2015-2019 is a work invoking the id of the screen, soliciting n-er futures.

Two guided tours: come discover an improbable venue with Intimate Karaoke, Live at Uterine Concert Hall by artist Dayna McLeod and see choreographers Mardon + Mitsuhashi’s fresh take on architecture with TOUR.

Using the codes of popular culture, Poneyboyz by Audrée Lewka et les Lewski and At the end, everybody’s fucking! by Olivier Arteau | Théâtre Kata let you into their raw, off-the-wall reality.

Comment oublier d’arroser les plantes demain by Mai thi Bach Ngoc Nguyen and là / dans la convergence / des erreurs commises pour l’avenir by a collective composed of Alegría Gobeil, Alex Pouliot, Ariane Gagné, Camille Blais, Corinne Asselin, Frédérique Chassé, Guillaume B.B., Juan Antonio Bonillo, Michaëlle Morasse and Sascha Cowan are two performances that explore our connection to identity in this day and age, as well as the constraints that space, devices and protocols place on our bodies.

In collaboration with Galerie de l’UQAM, come discover two durational performances: À la racineby Marilou Craft and Chloé Savoie-Bernard for the exhibition Over My Black Body, and Maude Arès’ L’algue flotte dans une rivière, amenée par le débit de l’eau, elle s’agrippe à la pierre, elle y reste longtemps in its eponymous exhibition.

Come experience the awe of precise motion with 1, 2, maybe 3 by choreographers Jean Bui et Sydney McManus as well as Daina Ashbee’s very first exploration of a solo for a male dancer entitled Laborious Song.

After having watched the sunrise for a year now, Erin Hill invites the bravest among you at dawn to experience Sunrise Commitment, a dance duet with the Sun itself.


For a third consecutive year, the festival takes over public space. This year, in addition to the Quartier des Spectacles’ Peace Park, festivalgoers are also invited to the new Place des Fleurs-de-Macadam square on the Plateau-Mont-Royal.

PLAYING UP is a participatory project that explores live art and its capacity to bridge the generational gap.

Turning food into clothing. Lying on the hood of cars. Dancing with animals. Getting into a ketchup and soya sauce fight. Inventing a new sport. Walking adults on a leash. Inspired by major themes and artworks, PLAYING UP is a game that brings together children and adults. Adapted from the original artwork created by Sybille Peters and the Live Art Development Agency, this Montreal version of the game imagined by projets hybris features 36 artworks by world-renowned artists, in addition to a selection of 12 artworks by local artists. On either of the two sites, form a team, draw a card and slip into the shoes of an artist the time of a game.

A coproduction of the Quartier des Spectacles Partnership and LA SERRE – arts vivants with the support of the Conseil des arts de Montréal and the Plateau-Mont-Royal borough.

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