Casting Call: Hudson Players Club present “For the Love of Shakespeare!”

Auditions: May 5 & 7 | Performances: July 11 to 21

Scenes, Sonnets and Speeches on Love from the works of the Bard

This summer season, the Hudson-based community theatre troupe Hudson Players Club will be presenting a play written and directed by the club’s own Christopher Gobeil about a troupe of 19th century itinerant Shakespearean actors and their ruminations on the place of love in the works of the Bard.

Each of the leads will have at least one scene and speech, while all players will have at least one sonnet that they will be expected to master. Next to each actor are the names of some of the parts they will play (see breakdown below). Parts may be added/deleted/reassigned depending on the final casting.

Rehearsals will begin May 22nd and will be Wednesday evenings from 7-10pm and Sunday afternoons from 12 to 5pm in Hudson.

There will be 8 performances running in Hudson from July 11th to 21st, Thursday to Sunday at 7pm.

Auditions will be held Sunday May 5 from 12 to 5, and Tuesday May 7 from 7 to 10 PM at the Hudson Community Centre, 394 Main Road, in the downstairs room. Please come prepared to have a quick interview with the production team, sing a song and read sides with others auditioning.



  • Princess: Juliet, Rosalind (x2), Kate, Sonnet XL
  • Prince: Romeo, Orlando, Petruchio, Edmund, Sonnet XX
  • King: Henry V (x2), Iago, Macbeth, Angelo, Sonnet LXXIX, Sonnet CXXIX
  • Queen: Katharina, Lady Macbeth, Sonnet XVIII
  • Duke: Ford, Westmoreland, Baptista, Prospero, Sonnet LXXXVIII, Sonnet LXV
  • Duchess: Nurse, Queen Isabel, Sonnet CXVI
  • Fool: Touchstone, Falstaff, Clown, Sonnet CXXX


  • Courtiers: Various smaller roles including at least one Sonnet
  • Ladies-in-Waiting: Various smaller roles including at least one Sonnet
  • Troubadours:    Singers and a guitar or similar instrument(s)

To submit for an audition, fill out the form at:

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