Agora de la danse presents “Quadriptyque I-II-III” by Corpuscule Danse May 8-11

Three choreographers and invoke other forms of beauty and virtuosity by embracing the possibilities of integrated dance. A Quebec pioneer of an approach that uses both able-bodied and handicapped dancers, the wheelchair-bound dancer and choreographer France Geoffroy employs and renders dynamic a very specific dance language by collaborating with established and emerging artists willing to venture into what is, for them, unknown territory, an experience that encourages liberty and greater openness in their own artistic approach. France Geoffroy sees Quadriptyque as a legacy for integrated dance in Quebec.

Agora’s invitation to three choreographers to plunge into the integrated dance adventure inspired a state of intense, open-minded awareness of another beauty, a presence both (meta)physical and political that challenges conventional ideas of beauty. Benoît Lachambre takes France Geoffroy on an exploration of breathing and the vibrating waves that connect both their bodies, fi med under the intimate gaze of a live camera by the visual artist Marie-Hélène Bellavance. Deborah Dunn was inspired by the classic fi m Casablancato incarnate in a quintet the emotional and political consciousness inherent in all atypical bodies presented onstage. In a delicate duo, Lucie Grégoire explores the need to be rooted, as well as the human desire to wander, to hit the road. Quadriptyque IV by Sarah Eve Grand will be presented also in May 2019 at Maison de la Culture du Plateau-Mont-Royal.

* Of British inspiration, a relaxed performance is designed to welcome and include atypical audience members (people with reduced mobility or who have sensory and communication disorders, learning disabilities, etc.). The theatre space is arranged to be more comfortable and welcoming to patrons who benefit from a less restrictive audience environment. This approach involves a few changes to the presentation, such as lowering the intensity of sound and lighting during the show, front-row seats reserved, exit and re-entry into the theatre space permitted during the show or a short pre-show presentation to present the dancers and describe certain aspects of the performance. Only on Saturday, May 11, at 4 p.m.

About France Geoffroy

France Geoffroy co-founded Corpuscule Danse in 2000, and remains its administrative and artistic director. She teaches and mounts dance shows for children, adolescents and adults, and is also a performer, consultant and guest speaker. She has had a rich, eclectic career since 1994, and has danced for choreographers such as Johanne Madore, Estelle Clareton, John Ottmann, Benoît Lachambre, Hélène Langevin and Chantal Lamirande. Her artistic approach is centred on the aesthetics and possibilities of the atypical body in momentum, using physical constraints not as the focus but as the point of departure. Dancing and getting others to dance is her main priority. She has worked hard to demonstrate that a dancer in a wheelchair is above all… a dancer. France Geoffroy is the recipient of the prize Envol, Award for cultural diversity and inclusive practices in dance.

Company Corpuscule Danse 
Artistic Direction France Geoffroy
Choreographers Deborah Dunn (I), Benoît Lachambre(II), Lucie Grégoire (III) 
Performers Bill Coleman, Maxime D.-Pomerleau, Joannie Douville, Mélanie Labelle, Georges-Nicolas Tremblay (I), Marie- Hélène Bellavance, France Geoffroy, Benoît Lachambre (II), Marie-Hélène Bellavance, Georges-Nicolas Tremblay (III) 
Rehearsal Directors Annik Hamel (I+III), Katya Montaignac (II)
Lighting Lee Anholt 
Costumes Marzia Pellissier

Tickets & Info:
Box office : 514 525-1500

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