Audition Notice for Fringe production “Lear in Limbo”

Audition dates: April 10 & 11 | Performances: June 2019

Learinlimbo Productions is auditioning actors for its new play, LEAR IN LIMBO, which will be performed during the Montreal 2019 Fringe Festival 6 or 7 times between June 6th and 16th, 2019 (exact schedule and venue to be determined by the Festival), directed by Danielle Coleman. Remuneration will be by profit-share.

Rehearsals will take place during the latter part of April and the month of May 2019, during the afternoons on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, from 1 pm to 4 pm. Afternoon performances are also expected for the run of the play (to be confirmed by the Festival).

The production is seeking 4 actors, 3 women and one man. One of the women (DELIA, who appears in every scene) and the man (LEE), each play single major roles, while the other two women (NERILLA & REGANA) each play one major role and two or three minor roles. There is one more male actor and puppeteer already cast.


A young puppeteer, her two older sisters, and their aged father relive Shakespeare’s tragic tale of King Lear in modern-day Montreal. High drama, a dash of music, a splash of puppetry, and a sprinkling of comic relief all come together to bring the story vividly to life.


1. LEE RALEIGH (male) an old man with dementia, 70ish or older, near death, a father and former high school English/drama teacher, confined to a care facility for most of the play. He mostly speaks in quotes from the King Lear character in Shakespeare’s play.

2. DELIA RALEIGH (female) a young woman in her early to mid-twenties, who is the youngest daughter of LEE. She is a street puppeteer but barely supports herself at it. While largely unsympathetic to her father early in the play, in the depths of his dementia later in the play she connects with him through the use of puppets.

3. NERILLA RALEIGH (female) the oldest daughter of LEE, in her 30s or early 40s, a lawyer living in Victoria, B.C. She feigns sympathy for her father early in the play, but abandons him to his madness later, and also turns on DELIA.
+ MILDRED an elderly resident of the care facility. 
+ SPECTATOR 2 a passerby

4. REGANA RALEIGH (female) the middle child of LEE, in her late 20s or 30s, a financial analyst living in Los Angeles. Like her sister, she feigns sympathy for her father early in the play, but abandons him to his madness later, and also turns on DELIA.
+ GRACE an elderly resident of the care facility
+ BRENDA a nursing assistant at the care facility.
+ SPECTATOR 1 a passerby.

Auditions will take place at The Yellow Door (on the second floor) at 3625 Aylmer Street, Montreal, H2X 2C3, on Wednesday and Thursday, April 10th and April 11th, from 1 pm – 4 pm. (Rehearsals will all take place here as well).

To book your spot for an audition, please email: 
• a brief cv or bio, indicating your age and acting experience (including any puppeteering experience if auditioning for DELIA)
• a recent headshot or clear photo
• your contact information including both an email address and a phone number.
• your availability for rehearsals
• confirm that you will be available during the full performance period. You may also indicate anything else that you think we should be aware of.
• Please indicate which role(s) you wish to be considered for. 

Also please prepare a short (2 – 3 min) monologue of your choice for the audition. We will also send out sides by email 2 days before the audition.

Send your email to the producer, Marc Nerenberg, at and we will assign you an audition time.

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