“Night Cows/Les vaches de nuit” to be presented at the 2019 Revolution They Wrote Festival (Mar. 21-24)


“Night Cows” (Image courtesy of MoonCow Theatre Co.)

Montreal, March 7th, 2019. Jovette Marchessault’s Night Cows/Les vaches de nuit begins at dusk. A baby cow, a vachette, describes how her mother removes the shackles of the day and society, transforming into a sensual, grotesque, night cow. The mother opens herself in two, splits herself in four expanding into the milky way, her daughter riding her back.

This cosmic journey will unfold in just a few weeks at the Mainline Theatre, part of short feminist works festival Revolution They Wrote running from March 21-24, 2019. Through the MAI mentorship program, director Katey Wattam has developed a fantastical interpretation of Marchessault’s seminal yet underperformed text, originally written in 1979. Wattam’s production blurs the line between human and animal, mother and daughter, sky and earth, inviting audiences into the milky ecstasy of liberation.

At a time when artistic communities across North America are reckoning with internal sexism and injustices, Wattam presents a bold vision of a world where queer and feminine creatures take flight and achieve dominance in the stars. Bringing together Indigenous, Anglophone, and Francophone approaches, the intercultural production reclaims Quebec’s feminist history and asks audiences to imagine: what do liberation and connection feel like today?

Night Cows/Les vaches de nuit is a story of Quebec’s past, present, and future; a fantasy built upon reality; a flight you won’t soon forget.

MoonCow Theatre Co. is a theatre company founded by Wattam in 2017. Formerly Beige Theatre Co., the company has already earned praise for tackling difficult social issues and was nominated for the Frankie Award for Most Promising English Theatre Company for their 2017 production of David Gow’s Cherry Docs.

Eléonore Lamothe – The Night Cow
Katey Wattam – Director
Micheline Chevrier – Directing Mentor
Jed Tomlinson – Clown Mentor
Yuan Kelly – Stage Manager
Rosie Long Decter – Dramaturge & Musician
Lauren Laframboise – Costume Designer
Anna Jane McIntyre – Set Designer
Sophie Marisol – Poster Designer

March 21-24, at 8:00 PM

MainLine Theatre
3997 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montréal, H2W 1Y4
Mainline is up a steep flight of stairs, it is not wheelchair accessible.

$12 for students/QDF members
$18 for general admission
Tickets are available here

For more information visit www.mooncow.co
or visit the official Facebook event here. 

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