Usine C presents “Supernova Trilogy” from March 21-23

(Photo: Mark Lawes)

Usine C presents Theatre Junction’s Supernova Trilogy on March 21, 22 and 23. This multidisciplinary and multimedia triptych explores the irreversible impact of new technologies on our society. It’s an interstellar journey theatre-goers won’t want to miss!

Fascinated by the fast-growing use of technologies and their dramatic impact on our behaviour and social relationships, Mark Lawes and Raphaële Thiriet mix up dance, philosophy, pop-rock music, ready-made installation and video to create a vast construction site that reimagines possible futures. The trilogy follows the life cycle of a star and explores the potential for re-enchantment in our pre-apocalyptic world.

The first module, Supersaturated, makes its premiere on March 21. Presented as a stand-alone work, it explores the accelerating pace of cultural change brought about by advances in technology. Inspired by Douglas Coupland’s writing on the supersaturated information age, this first module is underscored by a ready-made pop-art aesthetic and attempts to surf the wave of a culture radically transformed by its own speed.

The End of a Dream is set in the wake of the crash of electronic interconnectedness and the implosion of the American Dream, which has left a deserted landscape. This second module attempts an autopsy of the left-over fragments of the heart of a broken society and a reawakening of the memory of its dreams of the past.

The Last Fall of Wile E. Coyote, the third module, opens a space-time where the action oscillates between the stage and screen. Onstage, a post-rock band sings incantations summoning ancient memories or visions of a utopian future.

A poetic essay against the backdrop of a sociological investigation, Supernova Trilogy bears witness to an era in the throes of profound confusion and makes a plea for our collective reinvention.

(Photo: Mark Lawes)

“Theatre Junction amplifies the discordance of our modern hyper-reality, illuminating the dreamlike state of the global village.” – Museum of Contemporary Art, Calgary

“Lawes puts together fragments of living memories that leave the audience to form their own impressions through their own contexts of experience — a refreshing change…”
– Max Maxwell, BeatRoute Magazine

Theatre Junction

Theatre Junction is a live art ensemble, which, since its inception in 2006, has established itself as an international, multilingual and multidisciplinary collective. Led by its founder and artistic director Mark Lawes, the company is comprised of actors, dancers, musicians and visual artists who together create and explore themes that are at the intersection of their differences, constructing live performances that present a composite of our time. Mark Lawes’ research and writing with Theatre Junction are carried out in close collaboration with Raphaële Thiriet and inspired by the search for new artistic languages and forms of representation.  This collective mode of creation is located at the “junction” of contemporary dance, music, theatre, and visual art.

Writer Mark Lawes | Co-creators Mark Lawes and Raphaële Thiriet with Theatre Junction | Stage direction Mark Lawes | Performers Frédéric Lavallée, Melina Stinson, Raphaële Thiriet | Set design Mark Lawes with David Alexandre Chabot | Lighting design David-Alexandre Chabot | Video art Kyle Thomas | Musical composition and live music Ian Jarvis | Production Theatre Junction | Coproduction Carré Colonnes (France), Théâtre 140 (Belgium) | Presented by Usine C

Module 1 : Supersaturés (Supersaturated)
MARCH 21, 7 P.M.

Full Version : 
Supersaturés, La fin d’un rêve (The End of a Dream) et L’ultime chute de Will Coyote (The Last Fall of Wile E. Coyote)
MARCH 22 + 23, 7 P.M.


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