Youtheatre presents multimedia creation “Crossing the Ocean” March 11-15

Quebec's oldest theatre for young audiences celebrates 50th anniversary season with Artistic Director Michel Lefebvre's return to the stage

“I’m alone, swimming slowly along the bottom of the lake, with the twinkling lights on either side of me. The water is crystal clear. And warm. It’s a beautiful aquamarine blue, like the ocean. I keep following the tiny white lights. I’ve got to reach the box”

As Quebec’s oldest theatre for young audiences, Youtheatre presents the second show of their 50th Anniversary Season, Crossing the Ocean. Devised in collaboration with Amelia May Scott, Jeremy Segal, and Martin Sirois, Crossing the Ocean will mark Artistic Director Michel Lefebvre’s first return to the stage since Youtheatre’s 2008 production of Simon and the Egg.

Shortly after his father’s death, a man is given a box left for him by his father. For ten years it has been in the man’s basement. He has never opened it. Over the summer, he takes the box in a boat to his cottage on an isolate island in the middle of a deep, dark lake. On his way there, a wave hits the boat. The box is thrown overboard and sinks to the bottom of the lake. The man is determined to retrieve the box and bring it back to the surface. After repeated attempts, and many magical occurrences, he gets the box back and wonders: is this finally the time to open it?

Mr. Lefebvre says “We’ve been developing this piece for two years now, looking at how the digital world fills up so much space in our minds that it can drown out memories, connection, and human experience. I’m looking forward to having the ultimate human theatrical experience in the theatre this March.”

Crossing the Ocean is a multimedia storytelling journey that asks its audience; what will you remember when you grow up?

Crossing the Ocean
March 11-15 2019
At Théâtre Rouge du Conservatoire (4750 Henri-Julien)

School matinees: 10AM & 1PM daily / 50 minutes
$9 per student with free bussing for school groups
Public show: Thursday March 14th at 7:30 pm

Devised by Michel Lefebvre, Amelia May Scott, Jeremy Segal, and Martin Sirois
Sound by Sara Magnan
Stage Managed by Camille Robillard,
and Featuring Michel Lefebvre

For more information, visit, or to book tickets either to the public performance or for your school group, please contact Sarah J Culkin, Education Coordinator, at 514-844-8781.

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