Call for Applicants: Black Theatre Workshop Artist Mentorship Program

2019 Ensemble Submission Deadline: April 1st

Black Theatre Workshop Artist Mentorship Program
2019 Ensemble Submission deadline: April 1st, 2019 at 5PM
Call back for Auditions/Interviews: May/June (TBA)


Assessing the needs and goals of each individual artist and serving as a liaison between them and an associated mentor linked to their discipline, accepted artists will work alongside the Artistic Mentorship Program Coordinator throughout the season in scheduled meetings, and will be engaged in intensive workshops led by some of theatreʼs most exceptional professional artists in the community, as well as members of Black Theatre Workshop.  Such relationships may garner apprenticeship opportunities for the candidates throughout the course of the mentorship session with Black Theatre Workshop and/or partnering companies. At the end of the session, candidates will participate in an Industry Showcase.

Industry Showcase

Culminating the skills and work from the session, each artist will be invited to be a part of an Industry Showcase where casting agents, directors, engagers and artistic directors will witness their work upfront.  Invited guests will be given a package of all artists involved included headshots, CVs and biographical information.

This experience is imperative to the artistʼs process as it gives them an opportunity to share and promote their talent and skill in front of those who will hire them in the future.


All artists will receive individual and collective attention in pursuit of deepening their understanding of their discipline with a focus on entering into the professional landscape.  In doing this, artists will receive expert training from long-working professionals in specific techniques and areas of interest pertaining to an artist’s professional career. In addition to bi-weekly topic-related meetings, they will be given access to Black Theatre Workshop resources including the script library, private coaching sessions with professional artists from BTW including Artistic Director Quincy Armorer, and invitations to Montreal theatre productions.

Thanks to the generous support from the Department of Canadian Heritage, mentorship artists will be given an honorarium for their participation.


Please note that each artist will also come in with a goal of their own in which they wish to achieve. All activities will certainly be adjusted for the candidate in order to ensure the best and most beneficial experience for them in keeping with Black Theatre Workshop professional standards.

Candidate Criteria

Candidates must be actively seeking a professional career in theatre and have education or equivalent experience on a community or professional level. Must be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant.  Artists who are black or identify as being black are strongly encouraged to submit and will be given priority, however candidates from all cultural backgrounds will be respectively considered.

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