Boulouki Theatre presents Quebec English premiere of Ivan Viripaev’s “Illusions” April 3-14

Written by: Ivan Viripaev
Translated by: Cazimir Liske
Directed by: Manolis Antoniou
Costume Designer: Sunna Jóhannsdóttir
Light Designer: Öykü Önder
Movement Coach: Louis-Elyan Martin
Assistant Director: Sue E.

With François Édouard Bernier, Azin Fawkes, Marika Karlsson and Arun Varma

In Boulouki Theatre’s Quebec English premiere of Ivan Viripaev’s Illusions, four actors whose first languages are Swedish, Farsi, French and Malayalam take the stage to tell the story of two married couples. Colored by their accents, language becomes collaborative. The actors, as narrators, take us along a tangled journey of love and death, loyalty and chaos, truth and fiction. They ask of the audience to simply listen.


Opening Night: Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019
Production Dates: April 3rd – 7th & April 10th – 14th 2019
Schedule: Wednesday – Sunday, 8:00 PM


The White Wall Studio
4532 Avenue Laval, Montréal, (QC) H2T 2B2
Metro: Mont-Royal
Bus: 97,55 or 30


Pay What You Decide 
Contact the Box Office for reservations:


The White Wall Studio is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible.
Illusions will be performed in English
Please contact to address any accessibility concerns. 


Linguistic diversity is a core element of Tiohtiá:ke/Montreal. At once intimate and historically politicized, language colours our everyday experiences. Despite its ubiquity, there’s an aspect of language that goes unexamined in this city; the accent. The intangible. 

Mediated by our accents, language becomes collaborative. As one speaks, another listens, following the form of the mouth, tracing the twists of the sentences, asking to repeat ou réessayer. 

Illusions is the little story of two married couples and their moments of strangeness. In Boulouki Theatre’s English production four non-anglophone actors tell their story.  The audience is invited to collaborate as listeners, immersed in a shared space with the actors. Language is brought to life in all its musicality and banality. The boundaries between anglo, franco, allo or “other” are confronted. A new space is negotiated, together.


Boulouki Theatre is a troupe based in Montreal, Canada. We borrow our name from the nomadic groups of actors – μπουλούκι* -, who travelled and performed across Greece for almost 150 years. We focus on adaptations and devised work. We create new stories and explore the truth of old stories, today. Honoring the practice and tradition of boulouki, our mission is to make theatre accessible. As storytellers with a shared creative vocabulary that penetrates culture and identity, we find our “stage” in non-theatrical spaces; we practice a Pay-What-You-Decide policy; and we explore social and political ideas through postdramatic storytelling by examining situations so specific that they become universal.

*μπουλούκι /bul: `u: ci/ 1. Scarce group of people syn. crowd, mob 2. Wandering theatre troupe 3. A group of animals syn. herd, pack.

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