La Chapelle launches first annual Acoustic Sessions


Tire le Coyote (Benoit Pinette) will inaugurate the first edition of La Chapelle’s Acoustic Sessions

La Chapelle’s acoustic sessions is a new annual event, an invitation to hear today’s music differently, in an intimate and refined experience, without microphone and closer to the artist. 

This new project for La Chapelle started with a simple observation: it is rare nowadays that the musical experience offers us the opportunity to be closer to the grain of a voice, the texture of an instrument, the spatialization of sound, without special effects and without resorting to technology. 

From the largest auditorium to the smallest music bar, today musicians mostly sing and play with a microphone and amplification. With La Chapelle’s acoustic sessions, there is no question of turning one’s back on amplified music but proposing an alternative to the usual concert formats. The theater, by its size and acoustics offers us the ideal context for a different listening: an opportunity to upset our senses and discover music in a way that no one (or almost) has heard it. 

Tire le Coyote (Benoit Pinette) will inaugurate the first edition on February 7, 8 and 9, 2019, accompanied by his faithful acolyte Shampouing on guitar. Each evening, they will invite an emerging artist for the opening act.


Thursday, February 7, 2019: Jean-François Bélanger
Composer and multi-instrumentalist, Jean-François Bélanger has been refining for several years a personal and sensitive vision of traditional music.

Friday, February 8, 2019: Juste Robert
Juste Robert is the pen name of the songwriter Jean-Robert Drouillard, whose work as a sculptor is recognized on the contemporary Canadian art scene.

Saturday, February 9, 2019: Mat Vezio
After supporting over twenty acts of Montreal’s local music scene, Mat Vezio finally released his debut record Avant la mort des fleurs cueillies in 2017 under Simone Records.

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