Casting Call for Hudson Village Theatre’s 2019 Summer Season

Auditions for "The Drawer Boy" and "Marion Bridge" to be held on January 23rd and 25th

Auditions for Hudson Village Theatre‘s 2019 summer season shows will be held in Hudson on January 23rd and in Montreal on January 25th. It is strongly urged that you read the play you are auditioning for.

  • Please request an audition time. Unionized actors will be given priority.
  • Please select the character you’d like to be seen for.
  • Auditioners for Marion Bridge will be partnered up for the Louise/Theresa scene.
  • For Hudson auditions – if you are not suited for any of the roles but would like to meet HVT Artist Director Dean Patrick Fleming, you can do a very short monologue or simply request a time slot for a chat so he can get to know the professional theatre community in Hudson.

“The Drawer Boy”

Rehearsals begin June 10 and show runs July 4-21

Inspired by The Farm Show, a devised 1972 work about the lives of farmers, the play features Miles, a young actor from Toronto, who asks two farmers for a trade: work in exchange for room, board, and their stories. Morgan and Angus, the farmers, live together and have been friends since before their Second World War tour. Steadfast Morgan runs the show, while Angus tends to the cooking and finances. Though Angus has a sharp head for numbers, it’s clear there’s something wrong with his memory and processing, and Morgan shoulders most of the burden of care. Three amazing characters take the audience on an incredible journey that our audiences will love.

We are seeking an actor to play Miles.

Miles is a young actor who is caring, inquisitive, naïve, brave and selfish. He arrives to try to learn about farming. he finds something much more complicated than he imagined. Miles is in his 20’s.

“Marion Bridge”

Rehearsals begin July 15 and show runs August 8-25

Three sisters reunite at their childhood home in Cape Breton to care for their mother. As they learn to live with each other after so many years apart, they discover the meaning of family, and the possibility that their lives can be different from what they expected and what they have come to accept. Before their mother passes away they have to deal with a daughter given up earlier in life, their estranged father, his new bimbo second wife and most importantly of all, each other. A moving dramatic comedy by one of Canada’s most acclaimed playwrights. Funny, heart-warming and breathtakingly lyrical, Marion Bridge is the story of three sisters who hold a bitterly comic vigil over their dying mother.

We are seeking actors to play:
Theresa MacKeigan, middle sister– a progressive nun who works on a farm in New Brunswick with her convent and has begun questioning her faith. Very much the peacemaker and caregiver.

Louise MacKeigan, youngest sister, – Louise is described as strange.  She never left home.

All three sisters are aged late 30’s to late 40’s range. They are all complicated, funny and searching for something.

Each character has a scene and a monologue for the audition.

There are two scenes for the audition. Print versions of both plays will be available for reading at Hudson Village Theatre.

Download the scenes and submit for an audition at

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