Call for Young Dance & Theatre Professionals for FTA’s Rencontres internationales 2019

Bringing together some 20 young professionals aged 25 to 35, the Festival TransAmérique’s Rencontres internationales de jeunes créateurs et critiques des arts de la scène takes place over an 11-day period, from May 25 to June 4, 2019. Participants will engage in exchange and dialogue, expanding their thinking and their approaches to contemporary theatre and dance, confronting artistic reality, developing a critical eye and sharing their experiences and expertise with their peers.

The FTA seeks to encourage the development of emerging art forms through the circulation of ideas, the commingling of disciplines and diversity of creative contexts. The gathering is an opportunity to enrich participants’ professional practice and artistic approaches as they meet with artists and attend performances of contemporary theatre and dance from Quebec and elsewhere.

The 2019 delegation includes artists and critics from the Francophonie (France, Belgium, Quebec, Haïti and Africa) and from Germany, Spain, Italy, Latin America, Switzerland and Canada.

Registration is now open for french-speaking participants from Québec, Canada and elsewhere!

+ Young creators: directors, playwrights, choreographers, actors, performers or any other candidate with a performing arts practice

+ Young critics: performing arts critics, specialized journalists or academics enrolled in a graduate program focused on contemporary art practices


+ Encourage the development of emerging artistic practices by circulating ideas and intermingling disciplines and diverse creative contexts;

+ Enrich the professional and artistic approach of participants by discovering the work of other artists, as well as contemporary dance and theatre performances from Canada and elsewhere;

+ Stimulate contact with other artists and critics, and the sharing of ideas.

Eligibility Criteria

Have good spoken French

Be between 25 and 35

At least two years’ experience as a young dance, performance art or theatre professional

Special attention will be given to candidates who have demonstrated over the course of their short careers a desire to reflect in depth about their chosen art form and to further advance that particular discipline.

Program activities

From 9 :30 a.m. to 11 :00 p.m. during 11 days

See at least 8 FTA shows

Discuss FTA shows and related topics with an emphasis on critical analysis

In-depth discussions with FTA artists

Workshops and round tables with Montreal based critics and artists

A selection of optional shows outside of the FTA’s program

The Rencontres Internationales are designed as an intensive seminar, involving a busy daily schedule, high availability and a real commitment of the candidates during their stay at the FTA.

For more information and to apply, visit

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