Sipo Matador Productions presents satirical comedy “Get Off My Chest” on November 10th

MONTREAL, October 26th, 2018. This November 10th for one night only, Sipo Matador Productions presents Nakato’s Get It Off My Chest! at Theatre-Bar Sainte-Catherine.

What does the queen of an empire think when she is alone? How does a hybrid creature live in a world where everyone seems to have his own place? In this comedy dealing with hot topics, six colourful characters share their unique vision of the world. These offbeat anti-heroes – never judgmental, though – have in common to get it off their chest with a fierce sense of humour.
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Get It Off My Chest! (‘Voilà, C’est Dit’ in its French version on October 10, 2018) is a satirical and a parodic comedy concept that questions the expression of difference in a world where the ordinary get along with the need for recognition. A queen carrying a heavy burden, a Russophile seduction expert, a genetically engineered anti-speciesist, a young recluse entangled in her choices, an influencer turning everything she touches into gold and a fervent believer ready for extreme experiences, share with the audience a slice of their atypical life, alone on stage.

Chloé Bilodeau and Nick Fontaine, two talented comedians with theatre, cinema, television and radio backgrounds – embarked on Adam Sauvé’s energetic direction – are the performers of this show that will liven up this Fall.


Production Company: Sipo Matador Productions

Direction and music set: Adam Sauvé

Performers: Chloé Bilodeau and Nick Fontaine

Written by: Nakato

Performance date and time: November 10, 2018 at 6:45 pm (Door 6 pm)

Duration of the show: 1h15 without intermission

Venue: Theatre-Bar Sainte-Catherine (264 Rue Sainte-Catherine Est, Montreal, H2X 1L4)

Ticket pricing and box office information:
Regular Ticket: 17$
Seniors 60+: 14$
Students: 13$
Ticket For 2: 28$

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