La Chapelle presents Maria Kefirova’s “The Nutcracker” Nov. 12-14

Contemporary dance creation presented as part of Daniel Léveillé Danse's Série B program

A performance for a dancer, voice recorder, four audio speakers and 25 kg of walnuts. The walnuts are used as a material that has a clear definition between inside and outside. The sound is used as a material with no inside or outside. The body is a surface between the inside and the outside. A human figure, sound and walnuts will perform a series of dislocations and relocations, folding into each other in a process where sound  becomes a body and a performer of its own.

Maria Kefirova is a dancer and choreographer based since 1992 in Montréal. Parallel to her work as a performer, she has been developing her own artistic practice combining dance, theatre, performance and video. The main focus in her work is the correlation between internal and external realities, as well as the body’s role as an interface between the two, which is at the heart of many of her works. Her work has been presented in different festivals and venues in Canada, US, Europe and Mexico. From 2009 to 2012, Maria was a participant at DasArts, a residential laboratory for performing arts, research and innovation located in Amsterdam. She teaches workshops and expands her own choreographic practice through collaborations with other artists (Miguel Melgarez, Jean-François Laporte, Hanako Hoshimi-Caines, Katie Ward, Jonathan Parant, Paul Chambers and Sameena Sitbakhan).

The Nutcracker

Presented by La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines (3700 St-Dominique)
as part of Série B, a program by DLD – Daniel Léveillé Danse

Monday, November 12th at 7PM
Tuesday, November 13th at 8PM
Wednesday, November 14th at 8PM

Box Office: | 514.843.7738

Choreographer, performer, sound design : Maria Kefirova
Technical director and light design : Paul Chambers
Artistic advisor : Claudia Fancello
Sound assistant : Jonathan Parant
Set Design : Miguel Melgares
Artistic Advisor and Coach : Florence Figols, Sarah Hanley

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