Audition Notice: McGill Department of English – Drama & Theatre presents “The Birds”

Auditions: September 10-11-12 | Performances: November 21-30

Casting Call for “The Birds” presented by the McGill University Department of English – Drama & Theatre

(Aristophanes, not Hitchcock)

Directed by Yvette Nolan

Do you have an unusual skill?
Walk on stilts? Ride a unicycle? Practice capoeira?
Can you hoot like an owl? Sing like a meadowlark?
Or like Maria Callas? (whoever she is)
Do you krump? Pop and lock? Grass dance? Singkil? Fouetté? Bourrée?
Are you more Bob Fosse than JaQuel Knight?
More Martha Graham than Marie Chouinard?
Do you speak another language?

“The Birds” is looking for a diversity of performers for a dozen roles in its fall 2018 mainstage production, to be performed in McGill’s Moyse Hall Theatre.


Jack – a human
Gulliver – also human
Terrance the Hoopoe – somewhere between human and bird
Sandpiper – used to be human
Raven – a trickster
Nightingale – used to be human
Eagle – what more needs to be said?
Priest/Poet/Surveyor/Agent /Lawyer – mostly human
Your choice of bird- rooster, owl, duck, pigeon…

Come ready to play with your movement, voices, ideas, political ideas and personal experiences.

No prepared pieces are necessary, no previous theatre experience is required, but all preparation is welcome if you would like to share.

Auditions will be held September 10-11-12 in Arts W-25, McGill University, 6-9 PM.

Please sign up for an audition time on the Drama Announcement Board in the Arts Building.

“The Birds” will open November 21st and close November 30th, 2018

Please note this is a non-union, unpaid production.

For more information, visit

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