La Chapelle unveils 2018-19 season programming

23 creations to be displayed as part of the new lineup

MONTREAL, AUGUST 24th, 2018 – La Chapelle Scenes Contemporaines unveiled the detailed program for its four seasons 18-19. True to its mandate, La Chapelle offers a year rich in creation (23 projects on display, in addition to events scheduled in parallel) and welcomes a wide range of artists, emerging or more established, of all disciplines. Full program now available at

The main novelties this year: La Chapelle inaugurates its Acoustic Salons, an opportunity to listen to music in its simplest element, without microphone and close to the artist. Tire le Coyote is doing us the honour of breaking the ice of this new tradition. Later this year, La Chapelle will unveil the ALBUM PROJECT, an invitation to artists to create a piece inspired by the music album of their choice. Clara Furey will inaugurate this new series with a solo choreography for Céline Bonnier.

Another great addition, some shows will now be surtitled in English for some performances: Hidden Paradise, Le Cid, Les Beaux Dimanches, L’Exhibition, Intersections et Nous serons éternels, as well as surtitles in French for two performances of Clean Slate by Talisman Theatre.

La Chapelle 2018-19 Season Launch © Nicolas Biaux

SUMMER 2018 In addition to having received several artists in residencies during the summer (Alexis O’Hara, Andréane Leclerc, Mireille Camier & Ricard Soler Mallol, Clara Furey & Céline Bonnier, Dear Criminals), La Chapelle also welcomed Berlin choreographer Antonia Baehr on 22 and 23 August, as part of the 2018 Queer Performance Camp with her piece ABECEDARIUM BESTIARIUM. Subsequently, September will begin in music with a brand new show by electro-folk trio Dear Criminals called LULLABY, directed by Félix-Antoine Boutin, from September 6th to 10th.

FALL 2018 Fall will officially start with projets hybris’ YOUNGNESSE, a reflection on the political energy of youth, which rose after the student movement of 2012. Next, Gabriel Plante will present a reinterpretation of Corneille’s classic, LE CID, from October 10 to 19. Some performances of this show will be offered with English surtitles.

La Chapelle then teams up with Actoral Montréal to present two shows, HOT BODIES – STAND-UP  by Gérald Kurdian, a piece that borrows from the codes of electronic music concert, photographic installation and stand-up. Actoral will also co-present LOSS  by Toronto musician Ian Kamau, a poetic project on his family history of precariousness with mental health.

We will continue with HIDDEN PARADISE, a playful choreographic work inspired by Alain Deneault’s speeches on tax evasion, a project by Alix Dufresne and Marc Béland. Some performances of this show will be offered with English surtitles.

In November, Série B (an artistic program by Daniel Léveillé Danse presented on the sidelines of the CINARS Biennial) takes the stage! First, the choreographer Maria Kefirova will perform her creation THE NUTCRACKER, a work created for a dancer, a voice recorder, four audio speakers and 25 kg of walnuts! Afterwards, it is with joy that we retrieve Manuel Roque‘s BANG BANG, which earned him the CALQ Award for best choreographic work of the 16-17 season, as well as the “Prix INTERPRÈTE 2017” issued by the Prix de la danse de Montréal.

From November 21 to December 1st, Danse-Cité presents NORMAL DESIRES  a new creation of the contemporary circus artist Emile Pineault. Finally, Christian Lapointe and Collectif Quatorze18 arrive with a reinterpretation of Marcel Dubé’s text LES BEAUX DIMANCHES, performed by eleven recent graduates of the National Theater School. Some performances of this show will be offered with English surtitles.

La Chapelle 2018-19 Season Launch © Nicolas Biaux

WINTER 2019 From January 16th, Danse-Cité will be back with Eduardo Ruiz Vergara and his play EL SILENCIOS DE LAS COSAS PRESENTES, a performative dance focused on the sharing of intimacy and pain. Then, Sovann Rochon Prom Tep will show UN TEMPS POUR TOUT, an exploration around the disclosure of self through various manifestations of identity, with emblematic figures of Montreal hip-hop dances: Pax, Jigsaw and Sangwn. In February, LA CHAPELLE’S ACOUSTIC SALONS will make their debut with the unique music of singer-songwriter Tire le Coyote (Benoit Pinette), who will be surrounded by different up-and-coming artists for these three unique evenings. From February 11th to 16th, la TOHU and La Chapelle join forces to present L’HOMME DE HUS, a creation by the winner of “Jeunes talents du cirque” first edition in Europe, Camille Boitel. Right before spring, Emmanuel Schwartz, Benoit Gob and Francis La Haye question the process of artistic creation with L’EXHIBITION, back in Montreal from February 28 to March 9th, after being presented at FTA 2017. Some performances of this show will be offered with English surtitles. Nicolas Gendron will visit us twice in the year (February 3rd and May 12th) with OH, LA BOULETTE! , two shows that will be improvised with the latest news and debates raging in the public square! 

SPRING 2019 To start this season, we welcome Leslie Baker and Talisman Theatre with CLEAN SLATE, the English translation of TABLE RASE  by author Catherine Chabot (Critics’ Award for Best Original Text, presented by AQCT for the season 15-16). From April 3 to 13, Mireille Camier and Ricard Soler Mallol team up for INTERSECTIONS, a performance about revolution that features four artists in four different cities in telepresence. Some performances of this show will be offered with English surtitles. From April 25 to 28, Patrick R. Lacharité revives Shakespeare’s sonnets with NOUS SERONS ÉTERNELS, a work where dance, theatre and music come together. Some performances will also be presented with English surtitles. Then Jacob Wren and PME-ART give us A USER’S GUIDE TO AUTHENTICITY IS A FEELING, an artist talk turned inside out, a performance asking: why do we do it, why do we continue to believe so stubbornly in the fragile but essential act of “being yourself in a performance situation”. From May 6 to 10, sound artist Alexis O’Harareveal OUFF, a singular interdisciplinary scenic object that presents the irrefutable need to confront the white privilege and the aging of a culture obsessed by youth.

Finally, the four seasons of 18-19 will end in style with the first edition of ALBUM PROJECT, a reflection on a musical piece, inaugurated this year by artist Clara Furey. Invited to create a piece from an album of her choice, she will propose a work around Steve Reich, with Céline Bonnier in solo performance… More details about this show will come in the spring of 2019.

This year again, Premiere days are always Happy days (Jours de fête) at La Chapelle, and tickets are $15 for everyone! The 3 shows or more subscription as well as 5 tickets package will also always be offered again this season. In addition to the main programming, the bar area will be animated by several 5@7 and parallel events, whose details will be revealed gradually during the year.


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