Call for Applicants: NTS Artistic Leadership Residency Program

Submission deadline: August 30, 2018.

Thanks to the support of the Birks Family Foundation, BMO and the Metcalf Foundation, the National Theatre School of Canada is searching for two emerging artistic leaders for a one-year, intensive preparatory program. The chosen candidates will be working to become artistic leaders at institutional performing arts organizations.

The NTS Artistic Leadership Residency program, offered in partnership with the Banff Centre Cultural Leadership Program, aims to become the gold-standard training program referenced by Boards, recruitment agencies, and organizations looking to fill their artistic leadership vacancies.

Residents will:

  1. Participate fully in the Banff Centre Cultural Leadership Program which takes place over four in-person intensives and several inter-sessional meetings;
  2. Work with the School to create a custom-designed professional placement program at institutions and organizations that interest them;
  3. Participate in various performing arts conferences and events to help build a professional network;
  4. Participate in various Board, philanthropic, and political events to develop fundraising and networking skills;

‘’It’s great to be in a program where the end goal is to develop myself as a leader. It allows me to do things for myself like figure out how to speak publicly about art and other artists, and how to create systems, or take systems that are broken for a variety of reasons and take what is good out of it.’’ – Mel Hague, Resident 2017-2019, NTS Artistic Leadership Residency program

To apply or to find out more about the residency, visit

Application deadline: August 30, 2018.

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