MTL Fringe 2018: Stage 4 cancer survivor dances out in Human Body Project’s “Ugly Naked Dancing”

Featured 2018 St. Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival Production

For more than 12 years, healer-feeler-revealer Tasha Diamant has been using her body as a medium in public and in performance to express and create space for vulnerability.

She ugly dances naked while improvising conversation and connection. An antidote to business-as-usual brutality.

In 2006 – before Brené Brown and before Facebook – Tasha Diamant started the Human Body Project in the small conservative city of Lethbridge, Alberta.

She chose to use her then 44-year-old naked body and self as a vessel for sharing vulnerability. More than 70 people attended that first event and came away deeply moved, including an undercover police officer called in by a fearful citizen.

The strength of that first event led Tasha to continue and expand the project to this day, through her second pregnancy in 2007-2008 and a Stage 4 ovarian cancer diagnosis and treatment in 2015-2016.

In 2012, after Tasha moved to Victoria, BC, she began holding monthly naked Vulnerability Vigils on the street. And last year, at the Victoria Fringe, she premiered this iteration of her ongoing project, Naked Ugly Dancing.

In Victoria, Naked Ugly Dancing audience members were invited to channel their inner child and draw on a giant photo of Tasha’s ovarian tumour!

Tasha Diamant, now 56, describes herself as a recovering academic, having been ground up and spit out by various repressive post-secondary institutions where she taught for 14+ years. She is also a former journalist, a former waitress, a longtime visual artist, a longtime yoga teacher, a longtime volunteer in a federal men’s prison, an award-winning scholar and instructor, and, most importantly, a mother.

What people have said about Diamant’s work:

“…one of those special teachers” –Times Colonist

“…the most relevant and powerful work at the Fringe” –Monday Mag

“…your naked self sets you on the world stage in the unenviable role of nothing more than human” –freelance reviewer Kerry Redman

“You hit the tear ducts. BOOM. Like a bullet.” –audience member/participant

“The Human Body Project is the definition of sincerity.” –audience member/participant

“I have never had such a sense of humanity. You have changed the course of my life.” –audience member/participant

“…urges us to recognize the power of a single human body” –The Ubyssey

“Naked, emotionally and literally… Simply audacious.” –Colin Thomas in The Georgia Straight

The 2018 St. Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival presents
Human Body Project’s “Ugly Naked Dancing”

Venue: Montreal Improv Theatre A
3697 Blvd St-Laurent

Performance times:
Jun 07 Thu – 7:45 pm
Jun 09 Sat – 6:15 pm
Jun 12 Tue – 11:00pm
Jun 13 Wed – 6:00 pm
Jun 15 Fri  – 7:45 pm
Jun 17 Sun – 2:30 pm

Admission: $10 (General)

Ages: 16+ | Language: English | Run time: 75 minutes | Latecomers: 10 minutes

Tickets and Info: 514 849-FEST

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