MTL Fringe 2018: SNAFU presents new physical comedy “Interstellar Elder: Badass Grandma in Space” – Directors’ Cut!

"Renegade Grandma in Space" Launches the Montreal Fringe Festival

Performer Ingrid Hansen in “Interstellar Elder” (Photo: Laura Dittmann)

Interstellar Elder lives up to it’s name: a dark physical comedy about renegade grandma in outer space. The show is created by the SNAFU Society of Unexpected Spectacles, whose past shows Little Orange Man and The Merkin Sisters have sold-out and scooped Best-Of-Fest awards across the country. SNAFU’s newest show INTERSTELLAR ELDER: Badass Grandma in Space launches the Montreal Fringe Festival with shows June 7-16, 2018 at Theatre La Chapelle in Le Plateau neighborhood.

In this show’s futuristic scenario, North American Prime Minister Justin Bieber attempts to end world hunger by deforesting the continent to plant thousands of acres of genetically-modified swiss chard. This Superfood grows awry, taking over the entire planet and choking out all other forms of life. The last surviving humans are cryogenically frozen and shot into earth orbit, waiting for Earth to heal so that they may return home and begin a new civilization. On board the spaceship there is only one person left awake: the geriatric custodian and sole caretaker of the ship’s frozen ‘human cargo.’

Ingrid Hansen in SNAFU’s “Interstellar Elder” (Photo: Jam Hamidi)

“An amazingly versatile physical comedian with a knack for bringing inanimate objects to life … with BEST ENDING IN THE HISTORY OF THE FRINGE.” – The Montreal Gazette

Creator Ingrid Hansen recently volunteered to perform Interstellar Elder behind bars for incarcerated theatre-makers at William Head Prison. “I volunteer there a lot, and was surprised to discover how a show about a lonely elderly astronaut parallels the experience of solitary confinement in prison,” says Hansen. “But I’m surprised everytime I do this show. And everytime I do the Fringe. I love watching audience members get obsessed with Fringe-Binge-ing shows. This festival is like a 10-day scavenger hunt for everyone involved, except with more beer.” Tickets for Interstellar Elder are expected to sell out fast, so snap up your tickets in advance or you might be left stranded on earth.

The 2018 St. Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival presents
SNAFU’s “INTERSTELLAR ELDER: Badass Grandma in Space”

Co-Created and Directed by Kathleen Greenfield and
Co-Created and Performed by Ingrid Hansen
Choreographed by Britt Small with Dramaturgy by Emma Zabloski

Venue: La Chapelle Theatre
(3700 St Dominique St, Montreal)

Show times:
Thurs June 7 @ 18:00
Sat June 9 @ 19:30
Sun June 10 @ 16:30
Tues June 12 @ 18:00
Fri June 15 @ 16:00
Sat June 16 @ 20:00

Admission: $10 (General)

Ages: 12+ | Language: English | Run time: 75 | Latecomers: 5 minutes

Tickets and Info: 514 849-FEST
Twitter: @snafudance | Instagram: @snafudance

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