FTA Review: ‘Dark Field Analysis’ transfixes in exploring expressions of self and life

Jefta van Dinther's powerful physical piece runs at Théâtre Prospero as part of the FTA programming through May 27th

Dark Field Analysis © Ben Mergelsberg

Two bodies come into awareness of one another. In silence, they connect; in stillness, they converse. Early memories are recalled and shared. They touch. There is electricity in the encounter. Soon they align to become mirrored images of the other, separate systems now breathing as one. They never rise to stand, but when they do, they extend to a higher realm.

Dutch-Swedish dancer and choreographer Jefta van Dinther explores relationships to the self and other forms of life in the experiential and existential Dark Field Analysis. Centered in an intimate round, the fully exposed duo of creator-performers Juan Pablo Cámara and Roger Sala Reyner transform and transfix in a powerful physical piece that is at once disquieting and sedative, enigmatic and enlightening.

Drawing its name from a branch of alternative medicine that uses dark field microscopy to examine live blood cells, Dark Field Analysis prompts a journey into and beyond the self using analogy and imagery of vital fluids. Senses are amplified as we come to observe the two lit specimen against contrasting, encompassing blackness (the riveting lighting design is by Minna Tiikkainen and sound designer David Kiers provides the sonic aesthetic for the trance-inducing composition). Animate creatures on magnified display, they squirm and crawl to disappear and retreat into the dark unknown, then emerge with renewed alertness to come into focus again.

Human, animal, and machine blend; the lines between synthetic and organic are blurred. Characterizing the work are repetitive jerky movements – strange but not unfamiliar – which progressively become more aggressive, culminating in an outcry in the despair of longing to feel and emote – not just exist. It’s a profound meditation on the chronic mundaneness of life and being that culminates in a startling awakening to even the most minute of its expressions.

The 12th Edition of the Festival TransAmériques presents


Jefta van Dinther

Théâtre Prospero
(1371, Rue Ontario Est)

May 25th at 9pm, 26th at 3pm and 9pm*, 27th at 3pm
*Meet the artists after the performance

Duration: 1h00

Language: English

$29 to 35

514 844 3822 | 1 866 984 3822 | www.fta.ca

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