ELAN presents Savvy Sessions Workshop: Festival Circuits for Theatre & Dance

Festival Circuits, DIY Venues, Grants and Market Access; Strategies for Touring

*New date! Please note that this workshop is open to both theatre and dance artists!

In this workshop presented by ELAN, workshop leader Emilia Alvarez and participants will start by discussing touring; the impact, costs, benefits, and common practices, ranging from local, national and international circuits.

The workshop leader will then discuss what a market access strategy is, and what kind of questions artists should be asking themselves to develop this strategy. This workshop will explore what kind of venues are a good fit, what kind of funding opportunities one should keep in mind, how to get the most out of networking events, and when and how to hire an agent.

Next, participants with common interests will be encouraged to help each other begin or work through their strategy (in groups of 2-4). The workshop leader will consult with each participant for about 15 minutes to help develop their strategy and answer any specific questions.

Workshop Leader

Emilia Alvarez has worked on many aspects of performance production as a stage manager, tour agent, producer, grant writer, and even once upon a time, as an actor. She has produced both for independent artists and companies, as well as international festivals, notably CINARS and the Festival TransAmeriques. In 2015, she led a research project for ELAN and proposed 13 strategies to foster and promote touring for anglophone performing artists in Quebec.

Since 2017, she’s implementing one of those strategies to produce showcases with assistant Mariam Assaf. Her area of expertise is international contemporary performance festival circuits, in particular Canada, UK and USA.

To register, please fill in the form: https://goo.gl/ftKnKm

Please note that all of ELAN’s Savvy Sessions are now FREE!

The Savvy Sessions is made possible with the support of the Canada Council of the Arts. Without their funding, the cost of the workshops would run between $80.00 – $250.00 per participant.

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