Godberd presents Andrew Jamieson’s “Who’s Afraid” (May 17th-25th)

Previously workshopped as “Lethal and Young” in Montreal and Toronto, and as “Who’s Afraid” in Montreal last year, Andrew Jamieson’s “Who’s Afraid” returns to Montreal this May. Directed by creator Andrew Jamieson, the performance is the first presentation of it’s kind for Godberd.  The piece runs from May 17-25, 2018 at Oro.

“Who’s Afraid” is a performance piece and it is installation art.  It is discursive and immersive, presented as a single subject which can be experienced from many points of view. “Who’s Afraid” questions the boundaries between truth and fiction, between power and control, between art and subject, between artist and audience. Accessible, grounded in reality, while also indulging in the characters’ fantasies and imaginations. As the relationship between audience and performance is questioned, so too is the role of the audience itself, culminating in new and enveloping way to experience a story, to experience life.

Content Warning: Graphic language, Mental Health issues, drug use, smoking, flashing lights, physical aggression, loud noises, nudity and sexuality, coarse language, and smoke machines.

Oro (2060 Avenue Joly)

Written and Directed by Andrew Jamieson
Produced by Kaleigh Connery-Grigg and Helen Simard and Alexandre Havenne
Presented by Godberd and Grandstand

Starring Henri Rabalais, Andrew Jamieson, Alana Kauffman, Thomas Henley

May 17 @ 8PM + 10PM
May 18 @ 8PM + 10PM
May 24 @ 8PM + 10PM
May 25 @ 8PM + 10PM

8PM – 25$
10PM – 35$
*Ticket price includes unlimited beverages*


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