Audition Notice: Cynical Dog Productions presents “Clint Hacker: Justice on the Ropes” (Montreal Fringe 2018)


Come be a part of Cynical Dog Production’s theatrical stage debut; CLINT HACKER: JUSTICE ON THE ROPES, written by Michael O’Brien and directed by Mylène Chicoine. A fun, mysterious and intriguing noire-detective style story set in a Pseudo-Chicago fantasy world where magic is real, Ponties are lost and immortality is fragile!

Submit to with your CV and head shot to book your time slot and let us know which character/s you’d like to try for. Please prepare a 1-2 minute comedic monologue. Sides will also be given as well as the possibility of a cold reading.

AUDITION DATES: March 29th 6-10 pm (If needed will add an additional date/appointment)



SYNOPSIS: A comedic noire-detective story with magical realist elements. It is set in a pro-wrestilng world and revolves around questions of immortality, revenge and reconciliation.

SETTING: Fictional New Town district of Chicago, mostly around the Sports Entertainment Megadrome wrestling arena.


  • CLINT HACKER JR. Mid-40s, tall, lean, gruff ex-cop
  • JAKE TRAPPER Mid-40s, bayou hunting guide, Crocodile-Dundee-ish
  • BRYCE DAGGER (ALSO APPEARING AS DIRK STILETTO) Early 40s, large, sinister Old-World wrestler/alchemist
  • MOIRA STAMP 40-60-ish, strict and hard-boiled Wrestling Police commissioner
  • CLINT HACKER SR. 80-ish, Catholic priest, CLINT’s adoptive father

Although the ages are quite specific here, please keep in mind that they are not set in stone and can be somewhat modified.

Read the original casting call at:

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