Singulier Pluriel presents “La Mondiola” April 4th – June 10th

Singulier Pluriel Theatre Company presents

La Mondiola

Original Concept by Ximena Ferrer
Written & Directed by Julie Vincent

April 4 – June 7, 2018

Presented in a house at 1955 rue Fullum, Montréal – Only 20 seats per show!

La Mondiola opens in a festive atmosphere. Camille, helped by her daughter Lolie, is organizing a party for her lodger Antonio’s fiftieth birthday. As the celebrations begin, a stranger appears and introduces herself on the pretext of having seen the address in a dream. Camille takes the visitor’s bag and discovers it contains objects that evoke the presence of her late husband, an adventurous filmmaker, drinker and enthusiast of excess with a bewitching magnetism. The members of the audience are then gradually immersed into a surreal environment. They are continually in close contact with the characters, who lead them into an unusual world with which they become complicit, though they have no idea what the outcome will be.

We spent months improvising at 1955 rue Fullum, making the entrance hall speak, showing the double living room how to capture people’s attention, and putting body and soul into the magical intimacy of the bedroom.

Rehearsals are moving along quickly, and we’re becoming feverish with anticipation. At winter’s end, when everything seems precarious, the actors shine more brightly than the sun and moon. Sandra Wong accompanies us with music and song on twenty different instruments. Our resident composer Michel Smith has orchestrated the evening.  Mexican actor Omar Alexis Ramos plays the one-eyed lodger and poet, the young Stéphanie B. Dumont becomes a furious teenager, Ximena Ferrer’s character is called Anna Magnani, and Liliane Boucher is the tragically irresistible hostess of this comedy full of surprises. Our scenographer from Argentina is actually named Livia Magnani. She infuses our risky adventure with know-how from the theatre world of Buenos Aires,  inspired by Fellini’s surrealism.

‘’Il y a eu un éclair à côté de moi, une grosse branche d’arbre est tombée. Je me suis accroupie avec la boîte de cendres, il y a eu du tonnerre pis de la pluie, je savais pus si je voulais crier, uriner, faire l’amour avec lui, me faire aimer ou accoucher de lui. J’ai poussé des cris blancs, des cris silencieux tellement violents. Je voulais aller au boutte du boutte avec lui, j’ai continué, continué de forcer pour qu’il sorte de mon corps parce que je pouvais pas accoucher d’un homme aussi fort, aussi plein de rêves saccagés, je pouvais pas accoucher de lui facilement sans crier. J’étais toute mouillée, j’avais faim, j’avais soif, je voulais dormir tout oublier mais d’un coup la température a chuté de dix degrés. Il s’est mis à grêler, le vent s’est jeté sur moi, j’ai ouvert la boîte de cendres, je les ai lancés dans le vent de toutes mes forces pis Mario est disparu avec le dernier coup de tonnerre pis le pont Jacques Cartier s’est tout illuminé.’’ – Extract from La Mondiola

La Mondiola

A production by Singulier Pluriel

Original idea Ximena Ferrer | Written and Directed by Julie Vincent

Actors Ximena Ferrer, Liliane Boucher, Stéphanie B. Dumont, Omar Alexis Ramos and Sandra Wong

 Dramaturgy Advisor Paul Lefebvre (CEAD) | Scenography Livia Magnani | Musical Design Michel Smith and Sandra Wong| Videos and Pictures Rodolphe St-Arneault | Assistance and technical management Marie-Hélène Grisé | Director of Production Philippe Chevalier | Communications Olga Claing


Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday at 7 pm

April 4-5-7 | 11-12-14 | 18-19-21
May 16-17-19 | 23-24-26 | 30-31
June 2-6-7

Box Office: Tickets online

Info: | 514 598-0145

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