PWM presents new works from emerging playwrights in “The Young Creators Unit Showcase” (March 15th-17th)

Playwrights' Workshop Montreal presents 3 nights of staged readings

From March 15th to March 17th, 2018, Playwrights’ Workshop Montreal presents YOUNG CREATORS UNIT SHOWCASE – three nights of staged readings of new works by emerging theatre creators!

(With music performance by Nicholas Royer-Artiso)

Lorna Kidjo – Equivocation
Trevor Barrett – And Oblivion
Victoria Hall – Desert Bloom
Laurent McCuaig-Pitre – Icarus Is Alive
Ella Kohlmann – EXITS
Shanti Ikwe Gonzales – molt(en)
Alexandra Maynard – Trench
Avery Reid – Messy Blueprints to Sexual Freedom
Gabe Maharjan – Dreaming Rio
Curtis Legault – Maskulin(e)
Erin Lindsay – Untitled

(With music performance by Ella Webber)

Willow Cioppa – Dark Red
Nathaniel Hanula-James – Flam-Boy-Ance
Claudio Tamburri – I, Claudio
Roxane Loumède – Ensaf Attend
Sophie El Assaad – Black Balloon
Antonio Bavaro – Nonna’s Story
Gabriel Schultz – The Camp
Emmanuelle Brousseau – We are the kids of the 95 hangover
Sarah Segal-Lazar – Baggage

(With music performance by Violette Kay)

Stephen Patrick Booth – One person
Katherine Turnbull – Untitled
Madie Jolliffe – Sugar
Caitlin Cooke – Green Onions
Patrick Forrest Jeffrey – Untitled
Avery Burrow – Linge Sale
Brandon Lorimer – Crystal City
Gleb Vinokurov – Untitled
Simon Pelletier – Untitled

Playwrights’ Workshop Montréal
7250 Rue Clark, #103, Montreal, Quebec H2R 2Y3

ONLY 50 SEATS available per night!
Please RSVP by getting your FREE ticket below to secure your seating:
– Tursday, March 15, 2018:
– Friday, March 16, 2018:
– Saturday, March 17, 2018:

The Young Creators Unit (YCU) is a program designed to give young theatre artists tools for developing their work. The YCU is a safe, nurturing space for dynamic and diverse emerging artists to explore new works over a 26-week period. The work coming out of this Unit is exciting, beautiful, flawed and authentic. Program facilitated by Jesse Stong. Read more:

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