Theatre NDG announces call for director and submissions for new monthly play reading series

Photo Credit: Margot Florestorre


Theatre NDG is currently taking applications for a volunteer to direct its Fall 2018 production. The choice of the play can be decided by the director in tandem with the Theatre NDG team. Interested candidates please contact


The company is also planning to organize a monthly public playreading series in NDG and host live readings of original works every month.

If you have written a play and would be interested in having it read or if you enjoy acting and would be interested in reading plays in public periodically – please get in touch at

If you don’t want to write or read plays but would like to attend a playreading, they will be open to the public and free of charge. Time, date, and location details will be announced shortly.

Theatre NDG is an amateur community theatre group operating in the Montreal neighbourhood of NDG. All interested are encouraged to apply.

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