Job Posting: Repercussion Theatre seeks Production Manager

Deadline for submission: Thursday February 2nd 2018

Production Manager position for Repercussion Theatre
Deadline for submission: Thursday February 2nd 2018

Employment Period: February to May (very part-time, flexible hours) May to early-August (full time) With a possible part-time extension into the fall/winter. Exact dates TBC.

Position Summary
Working closely with the Artistic Director and General Manager, the Production Manager will build a production team and oversee all aspects of production related to mounting Shakespeare-in-the-Park’s 2018 summer tour in Montreal and beyond.

Schedule and Duties

Prep (February – June 4th )

  • Set up the Production Budget based on provided figures and adjust according to the needs of the design and the tour. Consult with AD and GM regarding major changes
  • Set up the Master Production schedule based on availability of artists, shops, rehearsal and venues, and conforming to regulations of the CTA. This includes Design deadlines, production meetings, set, costume build, transportation, loads, regular and extended rehearsal, media, performances and strike.
  • Hire production team (mostly students from Montreal technical theatre programs)
  • Consult with AD and GM in all matters concerning CAEA. Complete the CAEA management package.
  • Arrange payment schedule for all production staff, designers, artists and technicians. Set up fee payment sheets for all non-invoiced personnel, project petty cash and extraordinary expenses for cash flow, Expense Reports and update to the budget.
  • Oversee and conduct an inventory of the Repercussion Theatre’s staging and equipment.
  • Arrange rehearsal spaces (indoor and outdoor) as needed
  • Assist the T.D. in costing and sourcing the materials required for the production.
  • Prepare Scene and Wardrobe Shops with required materials. Establish and/or follow up build schedules as required.
  • Liaise with park representatives regarding production requirements and to make sure that everything conforms to the technical rider. Visit parks as needed.
  • Plan the List of Drivers and cull all driver licenses for insurance and records.
  • Organize the company road book.

Rehearsal and Build (June 4th – July 6th)

  • Review Daily Schedule and production notes with designers and TD for urgent requests and assign tasks if necessary.
  • Purchase supplies as requested by the TD and SM and manage petty cash and receipts
  • As necessary, assist designers in the execution of their design.
  • Arrange and assist in the transportation of the stage and inventory to outdoor rehearsal venue.
  • Oversee the crew during outdoor rehearsals and schedule tasks.
  • Monitor health and safety of the production and artistic teams.

Tour (July 6th  – early August 8th)

  • Oversee daily set-up and strike of stage, lights, sound.
  • Follow up/forecast production and technical difficulties, equipment wear and tear, and re-supply purchases. Formulate solutions with the TD and AD.
  • Hire extra crew/security as needed. (Could also include community volunteers.)
  • Monitor health and safety and ensure proper record-keeping is taking place.
  • Prep for strike and returns.

Strike (August 9,10)

  • Oversee and assist in the strike of the set, costumes, props and equipment. Ensure inventory is returned to proper storage spaces.
  • Rental maintenance and return.
  • Cull TD, TC and SM production books.
  • Finalize budget.

The ideal candidate will:

  • Have relevant production management experience
  • Be fluent in English and French
  • Be enthusiastic about leading and motivating our relatively young production team
  • Have a positive attitude and ability to multitask, take initiative, and work independently.
  • Be willing to work long hours in the outdoors (sun, rain, heat etc) and to adapt easily to an ever-changing environment.
  • Have a valid driver’s license (own car would be ideal)

We are also interested in candidates who are open to developing a longer-term relationship with Repercussion theatre.

Please e-mail your cover letter and resume to Amanda Kellock at 

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