Workshop: Mask and Clown Intensive (Baby Clown) Feb 3-18

Course is based on the work of Canadian Clown Master Richard Pochinko

Join The Manitoulin Conservatory for Creation and Performance and The Screaming Goats Collective for the 2018 Montreal Mask and Clown Intensive (Baby Clown) Workshop!

What: Mask and Clown Intensive (Baby Clown)
When: February 3rd – 18th (Over 100 hrs of training)
Where: The Screaming Goats Collective, Rue Amherst, Montréal
Cost: $1300.00 inc. tax (Early Bird Rate, Register by Dec 31st)
$1300.00 + tax (After Dec 31st)
Bursaries Available through the MCCP

More info or to register:
(514) 242-3164

This course is based on the work of Canadian Clown Master Richard Pochinko and has been named many things: From Mask to Clown, Clown Through Mask, or The Baby Clown Workshop (the student’s clown is born at the end).

In this workshop students begin with a focus on listening. The initial exercises are used to awaken and encourage a sense of pleasure, an awareness of the audience, and an honest physical and emotional response to internal impulses and external events. Many exercises are done with eyes closed to help exercise and expand the student’s experience of perception and focus. The body (through specific movement exercises) is approached as a source of visualization for character or story elements through improvisations that include a great deal of work with colors.

Once the color work is done the students are ready for the making and wearing of six masks. This is an involved process of physicalization and visualization, exploring the innocence and experience of each mask and the relationships between them. The masks are guideposts to the student’s creative playground and as such are also the guideposts to his/her clown. With each mask the student prepares a short turn (sketch) to express the essence of the mask without the use of verbal language. Through these turns and the exercises of the entire workshop the rules of clown emerge giving the student a fundamental understanding of clown and a deeper experience of the elements at play in any performance situation. This workshop is an intense blast and furnishes the student with multiple characters and a malleable structure for continued creative exploration with limitless applications. It is not necessary to be a performer to take this course. All are welcome, from all walks of life.

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