Casting Call: We Are One announces auditions for new Canadian play ‘SMACKHEAD’

(Image courtesy of We Are One Theatre)

Montreal theatre company We Are One announces auditions for its production of a new Canadian play, Smackhead.

Written by: Nastasia Pappas-Kemps
Director/Dramaturg: Amanda Goldberg
Stage Manager/Sound Designer: Cecilia-Marie Macdonald
Set/Lighting Designer: Zoe Roux
Assistant Set Designer/Projection Designer: Aurora Torok
Costume Designer: Elizabeth Chuprun
Social Media and Marketing Coordinator: Emelia Hellman
Assistant Production Manager: Kenny Streule

Performances: March 1st – March 11th at Espace Freestanding Room
Rehearsals: January 24th – February 28th
Auditions: Saturday, January 13th 11AM – 4PM at Espace Freestanding Room (Suite 300, 4324 Boulevard St-Laurent, Montreal, QC H2W 1Z3)

What: Actors will be asked to prepare a monologue/sides from Smackhead. The material will be sent by email.

Who: We Are One is currently accepting submissions from both union and non-union artists. Performers of all ethno-cultural backgrounds and body types are strongly encouraged to apply.

Please email with a headshot and resume, along with SMACKHEAD and your role of choice in the subject line.

(Please note: due to time restrictions, not all applicants are guaranteed to receive an audition.)


Recovering heroin addict, Ramona, has taken it upon herself to advocate for the removal of morphine from hospitals across Canada, beginning with Sick Kids hospital in Toronto, where she is completing her residency as a paediatric nurse. It is there that she meets Faith, a young girl with uterine cancer, hellbent on completing her final cinematic masterpiece: a complete recreation of the hit movie musical, Singin’ in the Rain. It is through Faith that Ramona is finally able to confront and face her demons, beginning with a re-examination of her past love, her drug dealer, Max Foster.

Character Breakdown:

RAMONA (mid 20s): Disciplined and determined, Ramona is a resident nurse in her early twenties. An ex-heroin addict, she advocates strongly for the removal of morphine from hospitals. As Ramona, she is a bit jaded, hardened and cold. As Mona (around Foster) she is still in her teens and has a sense of naivety and childishness in some areas, and a sense of entitlement, maturity or boldness in others, as is typical of people handed too much responsibility at a young age.
**PLEASE NOTE: The role of Ramona has already been cast**

FOSTER (mid 20s): A privileged, charming, witty, young man with an over developed sense of confidence. Finds his easy, rich-boy life infinitely boring and complicates it for the sake of having something to do. Reads Bukowski and Hemingway and relates to their themes of masculinity. Uses heroin to get a rise out of his parents who let him run amuck most of the time. He was a very good athlete and a fine student but eventually did poorly in school due to the cocaine and eventually heroin use.

FAITH (Late teens): An angry girl who intends to plague every nurse in sick kids hospital with her misery. Having been diagnosed with uterine cancer at a very young age, she spent most of her time in hospitals, changing doctors and having no sense of stability. She is in love with Singin in the Rain, but also with movies and filmmaking in general. An emotionally neglected child, she is a brash, outspoken, no-bullshit young woman with a deep sense of matter-of-factness in the face of her mortality. Disguises all her fear in humour and all her love in insults.

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