Cabal’s ‘TRAGIC QUEENS’ to take the Centaur stage at the 2018 Wildside Festival

The 2017 META-winning play returns for 5 encore performances from January 5 - 13

Jillian Harris and Alex Petrachuk in ‘Tragic Queens’ (Photo: Laurence Philomène)

MONTREAL, Thursday, December 14th. After 7 META nominations, 2 wins and an exhilarating run at the Mainline Theatre earlier this summer — Cabal Theatre is thrilled to announce that its critically and publicly acclaimed production of ‘TRAGIC QUEENS’ will be remounted this winter season at Centaur Theatre’s Wildside Festival from January 5th to 13th, 2018.

Alienating and deeply intimate, ‘TRAGIC QUEENS’ is a relentless maelstrom of eras, emotions and mirrors. Featuring the lyrical writing of Rhiannon Collett, whose Sapphic whimsy tracks the characters’ journey through the ages. Part frenetic, part melancholic, we follow the capricious and passionate power games of three time-travellers stuck in a perpetual state of girlhood.

“Very impressive moments in CABAL’s Tragic Queens, an experimental look at sad girls in culture & history.” – Jim Burke, Montreal Gazette

Read our previously published interview with performers Alex Petrachuk, Jillian Harris, and Meagan Schroeder on ‘TRAGIC QUEENS’ here.

Performers Meagan Schroeder, Jillian Harris and two-time META Recipient Alex Petrachuk move swiftly through a collage of shifting public and private spaces, breaking through the fabric of time to exercise the narratives society presents them. This collision manifests on and off stage, facilitated by live video intervention.

“Fine performances by Harris, Schroeder and Petrachuk were beyond reproach.” – Byron Toben, Westmount Mag

Under the precise direction of Anthony Kennedy, physicality and movement-based imagery are brought to the fore, accompanied by the integrated sound design and live compositions of Devon Bate. Lighting the Centaur and its clandestine back corners will be Jon Cleveland, a clever artist in site-responsive theatre and Montreal’s largest playhouses. Costumes are by the illustrious and multi-talented Sophie El-Assaad, whose bold designs have earned her two METAs.

A new member on the project, choreographer / dancer Alanna Kraaijeveld of company of Dave St.Pierre, Groupe d’Art Gravel Art Group / Frédérick Gravel, brings her unique quixotic movement style, humour and adaptability to the production, supporting the piece’s diverse movement needs.


Outstanding Independent Production, Outstanding Ensemble, Outstanding Lighting Design, Outstanding Emerging Artist (Production): Direction and Playwriting

Meagan Schroeder in ‘Tragic Queens’ (Photo by Laurence Philomène)

Centaur Theatre presents TRAGIC QUEENS at the 2018 Wildside Festival

At Centaur Theatre | 453 St. François-Xavier, Montreal, Quebec, H2Y 2T1
Jan. 05 @ 9PM | Jan. 07 @ 9PM | Jan. 11 @ 7PM | Jan. 12 @ 9PM | Jan. 13 @ 7PM

Presented by Cabal Theatre
Written by Rhiannon Collett
Directed by Anthony Kennedy
Performed by Jillian Harris, Alex Petrachuk and Meagan Schroeder

Voice performances by Benita Bailey, Oliver Price, Gabriel Schultz and Kate Stockburger | Dramaturg: Kate Stockburger | Costume designer: Sophie El-Assaad | Costume assistant: Danielle Fagen | Lighting designer: Jon Cleveland | Sound designer / Composer: Devon Bate | Stage manager: Niamh Devaney | Assistant stage manger: Daniella Tran Van | Choreographer: Alanna Kraaijeveld | Photos by Laurence Philomène |

Tickets: $16.00 General | $13.00 Seniors, students and subscribers
Box-Office: 514-288-3161 |

Running time: 60 minutes
WARNING: Nudity and strobe-like lighting

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