Auditions: Director’s Project Festival at McGill University (January 10-17)

AUDITIONS: 2018 Director’s Project Festival at McGill University

Audition dates: January 10-12, 2018
Callbacks: January 15-17, 2018

Sign-up sheets will be posted on the McGill Drama Board in the Arts building at the beginning of January.

Please note this is a non-paid, non-union production.

All are welcome to audition and no preparation is required, though those auditioning are welcome to bring any prepared material. The production is looking for a diverse group of actors to fill a variety of roles in 10 of its featured shows:

Interviews with Loneliness
By: Ann Wuehler
Directed by: Kenzia Dalie
Waiting for the bus. Waiting at the bar. Waiting to go home. Three women’s thoughts. Waiting. Alone.

Decomposed Theatre
By: Matei Visniec
Directed by: Dorsai Ranjbari
Decomposed Theatre is an infinite game that lets the actors search for a new mirror in the fragmented theatrical modules each time they assemble a different combination of the story.

The Easy Lovin’ Blues
By: Evan Guilford-Blake
Directed by: Emilie Slotine
“There’s a rhythm in lying. Lying to oneself, to others, both lean on a tempo that’s insistent and ever-present. We come to know that rhythm by the most convenient means; by way of our hearts.”

By: Clay McLeod Chapman
Directed by: Aldrick Dugarte
Commencement deals with the aftermath of a school shooting from three points of view: the mother of the shooter, the valedictorian, and the mother of the valedictorian.

Angel’s Trumpet
By: Sharon Pollock
Directed by: Charlotte Giraudet
Zelda struggles to break out of F Scott Fitzgerald’s oppressively dark shadow in a fit of verbal attacks, erratic movement, and mind games under the eyes of an observing therapist and stenographer.

Sexual Perversity in Chicago
By: David Mamet
Directed by: Rufus Love
Through the foul-mouthed and chaotic world of sex, Mamet exposes the rotting carcass of masculinity at the breakneck, alcohol-soaked pace of 1970s Chicago.

A Number
By: Caryl Churchill
Directed by: Ghislaine Le Moing
A five-scene tragedy with four characters, meant for two actors. One plays Salter, a man in his early sixties, the other his sons, of different ages but with the same DNA. “all these very similar people doing things like each other or a bit different or whatever we’re doing, what a thrill”

Far Away
By: Caryl Churchill
Directed by: Asha Bittenbender
In a world permeated by war, where the deer are at war with Latvian dentists, and no one knows whose side the river is on, Joan grows, lives, and tries to love.

This Property is Condemned & Talk to Me Like the Rain and Let Me Listen
By: Tennessee Williams
Directed by Sofia Reidbord
This Property is Condemned features an unexpected encounter between two young, lost souls who wrestle with questions of abandonment, family, sexuality, and differing perceptions of reality. Talk to Me like the Rain and Let Me Listen explores the intimate desperation between a couple whose relationship has grown stale and estranged.

Widows and Children First! (Torch Song Trilogy)
By: Harvey Fierstein
Directed by: Esme Thompson
It’s 1980 in New York City and drag queen Arnold Beckoff is on a quest for love, purpose and family…that is until his mother shows up.

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