MainLine Theatre hosts the Montreal Clown Festival Sept 13 – 17

15 artists from Montreal and abroad to perform in this year's edition

Montreal, September 5, 2017 – The Montreal Clown Festival has invited fifteen professional and emerging artists from Toronto, Calgary, New Zealand and Montreal to perform at MainLine Theatre (3997 Boulevard Saint-Laurent) from September 13th to 17th, 2017. The festival program includes clown shows, an Artist Talk, a balloon workshop, an exhibition, and several free special events. The festival culminates with a Closing Cabaret at Cafe Cleopatre organized by sister company, Les Clowns.

The company MTL CLOWN FEST, founded a year ago by Kendall Savage, Vanessa Rigaux, and Sebastien Duval, is supported by a vibrant volunteer committee that has set itself the mandate to produce an annual festival and to promote the ancestral art of clown and its diversity.

From the bouffon (Cul-de-sac, Massimo Agostinelli) to Pochinko style (Hushabye, Sizzle and Spark), to traditional Russian clown (Kombini, Les Foutoukours) and feminist clown (At Home with Gisèle, Évelyne Laniel), to the informed and satiric clown of Maryline Cherym (As You Wish), the Montreal Clown Festival supports the creation of artists from all walks of life and communities, including the LGBTQ community, non-European clowns and female identifying individuals that celebrate the life of clowns.

The Festival kicks off on Wednesday September 13th with the Opening Gala (8pm at MainLine Gallery); a cabaret presentation of featured festival artists hosted by the stars of Tim and Joe present … Joe and Tim, Joe de Paul & Tim Tyler. Note that this event is part of the festival’s free programming, as will be the Grand Imbécile contest and the Artist Talk, both at the store-front MainLine Gallery.

In addition to the aforementioned artists, 7 more artists are featured this year: Rachelle Elie presents Joe: the perfect man, winner of the Outstanding Comedy Award at the Ottawa Fringe Festival; duo Becky Priebe and Philippe Thibaudeau present the bilingual The Tragic Life of Stars (style “ Quick Change, singing, hula-hoop”); New-Zealand’s Jess Brien presents Coriander, which takes place in a yoga studio; and the duo Bambi and Boutchou (Le spectacle de variété) as well as Rebecca Bauer (I Heart Boomer; recipient of the 2016 Concordia University Savage-Duval Award) are this year’s emerging artists. The festival will end with the first Les Clowns Cabaret of the 2017-2018 season staged by James Keylon and Roch Jutras .

The Grand Imbécile contest on September 16th at 9:30 pm at the MainLine Gallery allows people of all stripes to present their unusual talent in order to dazzle the judges and win the Grand Imbécile trophy as well as a place in the programming of the 2018 Montreal Clown Festival. (The 2016 edition winner, Juan Migama, will present his new solo show, Juan Upon a Time, at this year’s festival.)

On Sunday, September 17th at 2pm, Megan Hyslop presents a talk entitled, “We’re Looking for a Feeling: A Study of Relationship Between Clown and Mask and Land Connection“, which offers an exploration of emotional intelligence through the Pochinko Clown and nature.


Wednesday, September 13th
8:00pm Opening Gala at MainLine Gallery

Thursday September 14th at MainLine Theatre
6:30pm Bambi et Boutchou & Coriander (MiniMain)
7:00pm Cul de Sac (Main)
8:30pm I Heart Boomer & Juan upon a time (MiniMain)
9:00pm JOE: The perfect man (Main)

Friday September 15th at MainLine Theatre
6:00pm Tim and Joe present…Joe and Tim (Main)
6:30pm Bambi et Boutchou & Coriander (MiniMain)
8:00pm Hushabye (Main)
8:30pm As you wish & La vie tragique des étoiles (MiniMain)

Saturday September 16th
12:00pm Balloon Workshop (MainLine Gallery)
2:30pm Cul de sac (Main)
3:45pm As you wish and La vie tragique des étoiles (MiniMain)
5:00pm JOE: The perfect man (Main)
6:15pm Juan upon a time & I Heart Boomer (MiniMain)
7:30pm Tim and Joe present…Joe and Tim (Main)
8:00pm Gisèle vous reçoit chez elle & Kombini (MiniMain)
9:30pm The Grand Imbécile (MainLine Gallery)

Sunday September 17th
2:00pm Artist Talk: Megan Hyslop (MainLine Gallery)
5:00pm Sizzle and Spark in Hushabye – A Doomsday Comedy (Main)
5:30pm Gisèle vous reçoit chez elle & Kombini (MiniMain)
8:30pm Les Clowns Cabaret at Cleopatra Cafe

For more info go to:
Mainline website (tickets):

$15.00 each or get the MEGAPASS for 5 shows of your choice for $65.00

MainLine Theatre address: 3997 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montréal, H2W 1Y4

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