Call for Applicants for the National Theatre School’s Indigenous Artists in Residence Program

Submission Deadline: August 25th, 2017

(Photo courtesy of the National Theatre School)

Thanks to the support of the Cole Foundation, the National Theatre School is searching for Indigenous artists in residence (IAR) to participate in a two-year program. The IAR program is a boutique training opportunity offered to established Indigenous artists. The program is comprised of training across all the programs in the School, with curriculum determined by the resident artist in concert with the teachers and leaders at NTS. The residency culminates in the development of the artist’s own artistic project. Currently, NTS is seeking a second artist in residence to join the School from January 2018.

Applications should be sent to by August 25.

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As a national organization, NTS must understand its role in the nationwide reconciliation process and forge meaningful relationships with Indigenous communities. To do so, it is developing training opportunities that offer Indigenous artists increased access to the School’s resources and making dedicated space for Indigenous practices within the School. IAR will come to the School with an already developed artistic approach and take advantage of the time, space, expertise and resources the School can offer. For its part, the NTS is mindful that its own approach does not currently specifically include Indigenous artistic practices and forms, and recognizes and honours the different approaches these artists bring to their work. The School is excited to embark on this learning process and knows it will have a lasting effect on its pedagogy going forward.

Each residency is designed around the needs and interests of an individual artist. For example, the inaugural IAR, Carlos Rivera (our photo), is taking courses in the Acting, Playwriting, and Directing programs that will help develop expertise in text-based work that complement his already remarkable approach to choreography and movement. He is also working to seed a creation project that will go into development in his second year. In return, Carlos has been working with the School to help develop its vocabulary, pedagogical offerings, and capacity to better include Indigenous practices in its training and be better able to serve the wider Indigenous artistic community.

This opportunity is one of several initiatives designed to transform NTS into a more inclusive and welcoming place for all artists, and is part of an ongoing commitment to make space at the School for Indigenous practices. Other efforts include active recruitment of young Indigenous artists to the core training programs, new partnerships, and the recruitment of Indigenous staff and visiting faculty. These initiatives will escalate over the next three years, and lead to the eventual creation of permanent training opportunities that include, and are informed by, Indigenous artists and practices.


An 18-24 month program that includes:

  1. An immersion in the training practices at NTS across all five theatre disciplines;
  2. An opportunity to develop a personal artistic project;
  3. A direct impact on the ongoing transformation of the National Theatre School.

Year 1:

  • A rich and specialized training program designed around the interest of each artist;
  • The artist proposes a project that will go into development in Year 2;
  • Ongoing discourse and exchange around best practices and learning that will open NTS to Indigenous artistic approaches.

Year 2:

  • Reduced time in training at NTS to allow for development of a creation project;
  • Leading courses and training at NTS;
  • Comprehensive post-mortem process for School-wide learning.

Each Resident Artist will work closely with the School to develop an individualized training program, which will include courses offered at the School and access to opportunities in the larger theatre community of Montreal and beyond. IAR will work closely with other resident artists at the School to share their experiences with the wider student body.


Resident artists must be available on an intermittent basis from January 2018 to May 2019. As much as possible, the residency will be organized around existing obligations, but artists should be ready to commit to significant periods of time in Montreal.

Who Should Apply

The IAR are available to Indigenous artists with 5+ years of professional practice in the performing arts, however that is individually defined.

Applicants should:

  • Be seeking to advance specific elements of their craft;
  • Have a strong sense of their artistic approach and practice;
  • Believe in the power and usefulness of lifelong training;
  • Are seeking to learn and share their own experiences with the community of the School.

The current IAR will work within the English section of the School, though Francophone opportunities will be announced for 2018 and beyond.

Financial Structure

Valued at approximately $40,000 per Resident Artist, the program is free with the following provided:

  • Honorarium (minimum of $10,000)
  • Personalized curriculum at NTS, basic tuition ($5,500)
  • Participation in conference and events ($2,500+/-)
  • Travel to and from Montreal, travel and accommodation to extra-mural opportunities ($5,000+/)
  • Support for creation project ($10,000+)

IAR will have access to extensive support from NTS Student Services to find affordable housing options during extended stays in Montreal. NTS will support IAR seeking further funding from outside sources to the best of its ability. Artists are responsible for living expenses while at the School.


Applications should be sent to by August 25, 2017 with the subject line Indigenous Artist in Residence, and include as attached PDFs:

  • A detailed CV (max. 3 pages – titled lastname_CV)
  • 1-3 letters of recommendation that speak to different aspects of your artistic practice.
  • An artist’s statement (max. 3 pages – titled, last name_statement) that answers the following:
    o Why do you make live art?
    o What about your professional trajectory has led you to apply?
    o What challenges have you consistently faced in the sector?
    o What do you hope to gain from your time at NTS?

Shortlist candidates will be interviewed (in-person or remotely) with finalists invited to visit NTS in a final round of interviews. Please call 1-866-547-7328 x132 for further information.

For more information, visit the National Theatre School’s website at

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