Audition Notice: Snowglobe Theatre presents “His Girl Friday”

Auditions: August 24-26 | Performances: December 7-10

Montreal’s Snowglobe Theatre is hosting auditions for its upcoming production of His Girl Friday, a screwball comedy adapted to the stage based on the classic film starring Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell. This fast-talking period piece about the newspaper business and corruption will be directed by Peter Giser.

Auditions are taking place at the following times:
Thursday, August 24: 6-10 pm
Friday August 25: 6-10 pm
Saturday, August 26: 1:30-5:30 pm

Callbacks will take place the same weekend, on Sunday, August 27, from noon-5 pm. Locations will be given depending on the audition date when you sign up to audition.

The show is scheduled to perform at Mainline Theatre from December 7-10. Rehearsals will take place on week nights and weekend days, TBD based on cast availability. We will be looking to begin rehearsal ASAP once auditions are finished.

The style of the show is very much like farce, in the style of old Hollywood comedies. A comparable play might be Noises Off in terms of the type of zany energy involved. Please prepare one monologue (any type of material), and we will also have sides at the audition.

For those who have seen the film, some of the characters have been condensed so that actors will have larger parts. We will be open to casting people of either gender for several roles, so while the breakdowns list the gender as shown in the film feel free to audition for roles that sound interesting to you.

Breakdowns for available roles:

Bruce Baldwin (30’s-40’s): Hildy’s fiancee, an unassuming insurance salesman who wants to settle down in Albany and raise a family.

Mrs. Baldwin (50’s+): Bruce’s mother, open to interpretation.

Louie (any age): Walter’s go-to man at the newspaper for both legitimate and illegal activities. In the film he’s a goon but the role is expanded and there are different possible ways to go with him.

Earl Williams (any age): A hapless man awaiting execution for murder, he is more of a victim than a criminal. The main story revolves around his case and his subsequent escape.

Sheriff Hartman (any age): A vaguely corrupt sheriff who colludes with the mayor to help fix the coming election. He takes himself more seriously than anyone else does. Mostly he doesn’t really know what he’s doing.

The Mayor (40’s+): He will do anything it takes to win the coming election, even having a man executed at a time that gives him good press for being tough on crime.

Molly Malloy (20’s-30’s): A woman sneered at by the reporters for caring about the fate of Earl Williams, she is the voice of humanity in an environment concerned only with money and getting stories printed.

Mr. Pincus/cop (any age): The role now comprises a few characters from the film, including a police officer and the governor’s messenger who brings critical news about a parole. He is a naive and honest civil servant who sticks up for his principles, even if he’s confused much of the time.

Endicott/McCue/Schwartz/Murphy (any age): Four roles, they are reporters who work in the court building and are covering the Earl Williams case. They are fast-talking, poker-playing, hard-boiled types who don’t have time for niceties such as being polite. Their scenes include a lot of cross-talk and overlapping, and they are the core of the newsroom feel of the play.

** Please note that the roles of Walter Burns and Hildy have already been cast. ***

To book an audition time please email Snowglobe ( or call at 514-880-3340. For those who would like to contact Peter Giser directly feel free to message him on Facebook.

*** We are also looking for an assistant director and a stage manager. For those interested, please let us know.

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