Audition Notice: Tantalus presents original play “Amuse Me”

Tantalus will be holding auditions for its fall production of the new play Amuse Me, written by Laurent McCuaig-Pitre and directed by Rahul Gandhi.

Auditions will take place on Friday July 28th from 6-9Pm and Sunday July 30th from 2-5Pm at Studio Porte Bleue (3035 St. Antoine Ouest, Suite 378). Each audition will run approximately 20 minutes.

Amuse Me will run early October at The Freestanding Room.

Artists will be compensated by profit-share.

A writer accidentally conjures a Muse into his apartment. What will happen when two worlds collide? Love? Learning? Loss? “Amuse Me” is about the lengths that we go to gain our freedom.

  • Muse: Female – Mid 20s. Female in form, but genderless. A powerful force of creativity, spontaneity and clarity. Immortal, grasping at humanity, but beyond human. Initially blank slate. Strong presence.

The audition will comprise of the following:

  • Any Shakespearean monologue or sonnet of your choice. Do not worry about gender, just pick your favorite.
  • Scene work from Amuse Me. Short scene will be provided via email, and at the audition, where an actor will play with you.
  • Sing 30 seconds of any song of your choosing, or a dance solo, or solo movement piece of approximately the same length.
  • Prepare a small squeak. Muse comes into the world in a wordless state, and the only noise she can muster is a squeak.

Send your resume and headshot to to book your audition!


Founded in 2016 by Rahul Gandhi and Adrian MacDonald, Tantalus aims to produce thought provoking-works that put the ideas of what it is to be human in the light of modern day. After a near sold out run of Adoration in March, and another run at the Fringe, Tantalus is back with Amuse Me. 

Instagram: @tantalusmtl

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