Job Posting: Scapegoat Carnivale Theatre seeks General/Production Manager

Montreal’s award-winning Scapegoat Carnivale Theatre is seeking a General/Production Manager.

Responsibilities include handling company finances and payroll, helping with fundraising, communicating with granting agencies, and acting as production manager for workshops and productions.

Superb English spoken and written skills are necessary, good French is an asset.

Good working knowledge of Word and Excel.

Salary is based on a project to project basis and therefore not guaranteed. This position is to be a member of a company that is working towards getting operation funding. It is a part time position with an extremely flexible schedule.

Anyone who has applied for a similar position in the past is welcome to apply again.

Please send CV to

Application Deadline: August 1, 2017

Be a part of one of Montreal’s most dynamic independent theatre companies!

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