Fringe Review: “Peter Pansexual” Flies In to the Fringe


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Join Peter Pansexual as he parades through Montreal with the Darling family, Twinker Bell, and the Lost Boiz in tow in this loose retelling of Peter Pan brought to you by Montreal’s own Glam Gam productions. This large company burlesque show by Glam Gam comes shortly after they were named one of Cult MTL’s top 10 theatre companies this year. With that in mind (and a history of success at the Fringe with shows such as Sherlock Homo), it’s not shocking to this reviewer that Peter Pansexual is every bit as entertaining as it is provocative!

Follow along as Peter Pansexual jumps from one wild party to another fighting to keep the secrets of eternal youth from Captain Hooker and his croc-hunting sidekick, Smee. Watch all the while as the actors take their respective turns throughout the story to command centre stage for a personalized performance, complete with a contortionist, dance numbers (both exotic and otherwise), songs, acrobatics, ribbon dancing, and jokes about Montreal.

The show has everything you could possibly want in a fringe show; however, it’s not for the faint of heart or the closed of mind as these performers bear all and embrace their bodies as well as their sexualities throughout this roller coaster of a performance. The show is 18+ and it is certainly not hard to see why after a few minutes in. Mounted at the Café Cléopâtre (a recurring venue for the company) the audience quickly learns to hoot and holler in time as the performers take to the stage in turn to display their unique talents (among other things…)

While the production did thus have a feeling of being swiftly thrown together, it is very much part of the charm. With so much going on and more than a few costume changes, it can feel a little chaotic at times. That being said, the artists themselves command undivided audience attention, and once it’s rolling it’s hard to take your eyes off the stage.

After previously taking part in an event known as the “24-hour cabaret”, Glam Gam’s artists created the original version of Peter Pansexual in a single day. Since doing so, they’ve added some finishing touches and edits to bring the polished product to the Fringe.

After the performance, brave audience members were invited to take part in a similar 24-hour cabaret on Saturday, June 17th, where they will receive the opportunity to switch roles with the actors and try their hand at burlesque. The showcase of the piece will take place the following Sunday night. For more information or to sign up, visit Glam Gam’s Facebook page or website at

If your sensibilities are far from delicate and you’re looking for a good time on a night out, look no further. The show runs from June 1st to the 16th at Café Cléopâtre.

Review by Montreal Theatre Hub Contributor David Hudon

Glam Gam Productions presents
“Peter Pansexual”

When: June 1st to 16th, 2017
Where: Café Cléopâtre, 1230 Saint-Laurent, H2X 2S5
Duration: 110 minutes
Admission: 10$
Box Office: | 514.849.FEST (3378)

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David Hudon

2017 Fringe Reviewer at Montreal Theatre Hub
David is an actor by trade and is excited for this opportunity to share his thoughts and opinions on this year's Fringe! Having participated in Montreal's Fringe several times (and the Edinburgh Fringe once as well), David simply can't get enough of the festival madness. He would like to wish you all a happy Fringe and merde to all the performers!

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