Theatre NDG presents “Alison’s House” April 27 to May 6

Susan Glaspell's Pulitzer Prize-winning play takes the stage of Concordia's Loyola Chapel

Montreal, April 12th, 2017 – Coming up April 27-29th & May 4-6th local community theatre company Theatre NDG will take the stage of Concordia’s Loyola Chapel and perform Susan Glaspell’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play Alison’s House.

The home in which famous poet Alison Stanhope lived and died is being broken up on the eve of the Twentieth Century, and the Stanhope family has to come to terms with the poet’s legacy as they struggle to live their lives and escape Alison’s immense shadow. Tensions come to a head when outcast daughter Elsa Stanhope returns to the family home just as they are packing, to see it one last time. Elsa’s return forces all the characters to delve back into the family’s glory but also its disgraces and decide for themselves what values are important in their own lives.  Ultimately it rests on the shoulders of John Stanhope, the patriarch of the family, who must reconcile the competing forces of love and duty, family and fame, honor and forgiveness. The character of Alison Stanhope is based on Emily Dickinson. Alison has died before the action of the play and never appears in the play except by reference from the other characters.

Karen McCarthy as Agatha Stanhope, Erin Perrine as Elsa Stanhope (Photo: Margot Florestorre)

Director Ryan Madden chose Alison’s House as Theatre NDG’s second production because of its humanity and the depth of its characters. “Susan Glaspell is an incredible writer who is often overlooked,” he says. “This play brings to life 11 characters and every one jumps off the page full of life, so I was very excited to give these characters to the actors and watch them take shape.  I was also very touched by the tenderness of the story: these are characters dealing with situations that are challenging some of their core values, and Glaspell injects so much love into the play, and the drama of the play results from the conflict between the love and the values which makes for a very touching play.” Formerly a student of Concordia’s Theatre program and creator of the late Parallax Theatre Troupe, Madden believes that this production of Alison’s House will prove a worthwhile viewing experience for theatre lovers, aspiring actors, and for lovers of literature alike.

Performances at 7:30pm on Apr. 27, 28, & 29 & May 4, 5, & 6, and a 1pm matinée on Saturday Apr. 29 & May 6.

Tickets are available online at Eventbrite and will also be available at the doors (cash only).

10$ adults, 5$ students and seniors, 2$ QDF members with presentation of the QDF membership card (QDF discount at the door only).

Presented at Loyola Chapel, 7141 Sherbrooke St W, Montreal, QC H4A 2K6Access via front entrance or from Concordia AD building.

Running Time: 2h15min

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Zag Dorison as Stanhope
Bryan Libero as Eben
Erin Perrine as Elsa
Brian Trieu as Ted
Elise de Bussac as Ann
Karen McCarthy as Agatha
Angela Beutel Casey as Louise
David Fornari as Richard Knowles
James Hawes as Mr. Hodges
Anna Berlyn as Mrs. Hodges
Lindsay Fleming as Jennie

Directed by Ryan Madden
Stage Manager: Jill Morton and Amanda Doucet
Set Design: Jill Morton and Amanda Doucet
Costume Designer: Teffer Adjemian

Theatre NDG was founded in 2016 out of a love for community theatre. Based in NDG and open to everyone, the company aims to engage as many people as possible. “The biggest privilege of art is the creation of it,” states Madden. “The goal of Theatre NDG is to increase access to the creation of art.”

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