Audition Call: Geordie Productions (2017-2018 2-Play Tour)

Geordie Productions, Montreal’s leading English-language professional theatre for audiences of all ages, is currently auditioning performers for its 2017-2018 2-Play School Tour.

Audition DatesApril 3rd and 4th from 10:00am to 3:00pm

Audition Information

  • Casting two females and one male – Geordie encourages all types (shapes, cultures, gender, ethnicity) to submit.
  • Present in the room will be Geordie Artistic Director, Mike Payette, and director Arianna Bardesono.
  • Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled time.
  • Actors will only be contacted only if they have received an audition slot.

PLEASE NOTE: Both plays will be available to read in full at the Geordie office at 4001 Rue Berri BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 9-5 from March 29 – April 4. These auditions are for the Geordie 2Play School Tour; if cast, actors will rehearse and perform both plays to tour across Eastern Canada from September 2017 to April 2018.

Audition for The Mountain by Chelsea Woodley


Aya, the lady adventurer, (not a princess because princesses are stuck up), just wants to go home. She is a refugee and that means she is not from here. She’s tired of Canada, and wants to go back to her great and magical valley, far, far away. Only problem is, her dad won’t answer her phone calls, she’s broke, and the lonely boy she’s found to be her side-kick, doesn’t want to help. A provocative and beautiful show for young people about fear, bullies, war, and the mountain we must climb together, as one, to find peace.


Aya (Female)
A refugee now in Canada. 8 years old.

Nicholas (Male)
Born in Canada. 8 years old.

Audition for Untitled by Kalale Dalton-Lutale


Think of your first best friend. What did she look like? Remember her laugh. Were you in the same class? Think about the millions of times you slept over at her house, told her secrets, swapped diaries, shared clothes. Did you have the same taste in movies? Crushes on the same people? Where is she now? Bailey and Zanele are best-friends. They have known each other for as long as they can remember. On their last days of junior high – a time when they will have to make serious decisions about their futures – both long to live out their dreams as super cool artists, but this means getting accepted into the right high school first. In the third floor girls’ bathroom, both have letters, both will open them, and both will find out their fate. This timely and sharp-witted coming-of-age story challenges the dynamics of friendship and where they meet with realities of race, class and gender.


Bailey (Female)
13 years old, mixed-race (light). Comes from a rougher mixed income housing neighbourhood in a metropolitan city. Her mom is a Lesbian and a light-skin black woman from Nova Scotia. Her father is white and lives with a new family.

Zanele [Zan-elly] (Female)
13 years old, mixed-race (darker). She lives with her single white Dad in a middle class neighbourhood. Her mother, an African woman, has passed away 6 years before.

Mr. Leblanc (Male)
A teacher at the girls’ school.

For audition details or to book an audition, time send headshot and resume:
(514) 845-9810 |

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