Casting Call: Auditions for Hudson Players Club’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ to be held March 7-17th

Performance Dates: July 13-22, 2017

The Hudson Players Club is proud to announce that its 2017 Shakespeare by The Lake production will be ‘Romeo & Juliet’ directed by Sophie Gee.

Rehearsals begin May 2017 and will be held three times a week at the Hudson Community Centre. Performance dates are July 13, 14, 15, 20, 21, 22, 2017. Shows are performed outside at Jack Layton Park in Hudson.

This is a community production with no remuneration. Non-members may audition, but are expected to become members if cast.

Auditions will be held in Hudson on Tuesday March 7, 2017 in the evening and March 17th if necessary.



Capulet (50+) – a rich patriarch. He seems fair and generous, he does not react angrily when the Montagues crash his party but on the other hand, he does not like to be disobeyed: when Juliet refuses to marry Paris, he threatens her harshly.

Montague (50+) – a rich patriarch. He is not afraid to get involved in a sword fight with the Capulets, despite his old age. A concerned father, he is worried about Romeo’s melancholy.

Romeo (teens-20s) – a young man in his mid-teens. A loyal friend, principled, sensitive: he’s impulsive and emotional. He thinks he’s experienced love and suffering but is blown away when he meets Juliet.

Paris (20s to 30s) – a well regarded nobleman who wants to marry Juliet. A traditionalist, he goes about the courtship through official channels (asking her father for permission) and treats Juliet like a possession.

Tybalt (20s to 30s) – Lady Capulet’s nephew. Fiery, quick to anger, always looking for a fight, doesn’t know where to draw the line. He hates the Montagues and looks for any reason to attack them.

Benvolio (teens-30s)– cousin to Romeo. The reasonable one. He tries to stop fights, a peacemaker. He tries to cheer Romeo up by suggesting they crash the Capulet’s party.

Mercutio (teens-30s)- kinsman of the Prince and good friend to Romeo.

Balthasar (20s-30s)– faithful servant to Romeo.

Friar Lawrence (40+) – confessor to both Romeo and Juliet. He tries to be as helpful as he can to the two teenagers. He acts out of the best intentions.

Sampson and Gregory (teens-20s) – two bros who are servants to the Capulets. They talk dirty, brag and try to incite a fight with the Montagues.

Capulet’s uncle (60+) – reminisces with Capulet about old times.


Lady Capulet (30/40) – a very formal mother who bends to the will of her husband. She is extremely loyal to family and presses for vengeance after Tybalt’s death.

Nurse (40/50+) – comic role. A chatterbox who loves sexual innuendo. She breastfed and raised Juliet, having lost her own daughter and husband. She is Juliet’s devoted confidante and will do anything to make her happy      .

Juliet (teens-20s) – a dutiful daughter but also an independent thinker, fierce, smart, playful, and passionate. She’s experiencing the shock of first love.

Lady Montague (40/50+) – mother to Romeo. Tries to stop her husband from fighting the Capulets. She dies of grief when she hears of Romeo’s exile.


Prince (30+)– a balanced ruler, comfortable with authority although frustratingly, he does not seem to be able to maintain peace between the two feuding families.

Friar John (30+) – conscientious, tries to do a good job.

Apothecary (40+) – learned, but poor. Willing to bend morals for money.

Servant to the Capulets – illiterate, comic role. He/she is supposed to invite people from a list, but cannot read.


Officer, pages, townspeople

To request an audition appointment, fill out the submission form at
You will be contacted by email with a time.

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