Centaur Theatre presents Quebec English-language Premiere of “You Will Remember Me” March 7th to April 2nd

The production also marks Roy Surette's final directorial stint as Centaur's outgoing Artistic and Executive Director

MONTREAL, FEBRUARY 22, 2017 – Francois Archambault, the Governor General Award-winning Quebecois playwright, receives the Quebec English-language premiere of his 2015 play, You Will Remember Me (Tu te souviendras de moi), at Centaur Theatre from March 7th to April 2nd, 2017. The coincidentally titled production is the last play that Roy Surette will direct as Centaur’s Artistic and Executive Director before returning to the West coast in June to helm Touchstone Theatre.

Venture into Edouard’s slowly changing world, where the highly respected professor, political commentator and ladies’ man can recite famous historical dates but can’t remember what he ate for breakfast. When a suppressed memory springs to life, the line between reality and dreams blurs, allowing him to revisit the past and heal old wounds in a touching and refreshingly funny story about family, memory, and connection.

EDOUARD: Well, don’t be gone too long … I might not remember who you are.

“An online statistic states that 565,000 Canadians are currently diagnosed with some form of dementia and that number is increasing rapidly as the baby boomers age,” said director Roy Surette. “Alzheimer’s ambushes us with intense, complicated feelings—anxiety, regret, anger, guilt—and it’s scary, unchartered territory. But Francois has written a tough and tender story that examines the frustrations, humour, and unexpected/hidden gifts for those whose memories are fading and for the people who care for and love them. The power of this play lies in its cathartic potential to find new understanding and forgiveness, of self and others, and to redefine what is truly real.”

ISABELLE: I’m in the moment with you, Dad … My wonderful Dad who I love, even if, sorry, you drive me crazy most of the time.

M. Archambault explained the broader scope of the play. “I didn’t want to make a play that only talks about Alzheimer’s; I wanted it to be wider than that. For me, it is more a piece on memory … memory and history, since the main character is an historian. I explore what we retain of our family history and the history of the society in which we operate; the things that we remember and those we prefer to forget.”

ISABELLE: […] how amazing, this disease is bringing us closer …

Actor and musician, Jean Marchand, who recently played God in the TNM musical production of Brecht’s La Bonne Âme du Se-Tchouan, is Edouard, the dynamic family patriarch. Twelve-year Stratford veteran, Lally Cadeau (Road to Avonlea) is Madeleine, Edouard’s neglected wife who is at the end of her rope. Their daughter Isabelle, an up and coming TV news reporter, is played by actor/playwright/director, Johanna Nutter (My Pregnant BrotherGood PeopleCHLORINE) and, her accommodating boyfriend, Patrick, is played by Charles Bender (APTN’s Mohawk Girls and Sioui-BaconRefugee Hotel, Teesri Duniya; Louis Riel: A Comic Strip Stage Play, RustWerk Refinery). The role of Patrick’s precocious teenage daughter is played by a relative newcomer making her Centaur debut, Amanda Silveira.

EDOUARD: You are all prisoners of an endless present moment … Like me.

One of Canada’s in-demand designers, Eo Sharp, (Alice in Wonderland, Shaw Festival; King Lear, Mary Stuart, Stratford Festival; The Comedy of Errors, Centaur) created the set and costumes. Luc Prairie returned to Centaur (Last Night at the GayetyInnocence LostIn Absentia) as the Lighting Designer. With an impressive 24 seasons at Stratford to his credit, Keith Thomas (ButcherInnocence Lost, Centaur) composed the original music and designed the sound. Actor and inFurnace Theatre’s Artistic Director, Stuart Fink, was Mr. Surette’s Assistant Director, with Samira Rose stage managing, assisted by Apprentice Stage Manager, Philippe Gobeille.

Tickets can be purchased online at www.centaurtheatre.com
Or by calling the Box Office at 514-288-3161

Centaur Theatre Company
The Quebec English-language Premiere of
Written by Francois Archambault
Translated by Bobby Theodore
Directed by Roy Surette
March 7 to April 2, 2017

With Charles Bender, Lally Cadeau, Jean Marchand, Johanna Nutter and Amanda Silveira

Assistant Director Stuart Fink | Set & Costume Designer Eo Sharp |
Lighting Designer Luc Prairie | Composer & Sound Designer Keith Thomas |
Stage Manager Samira Rose |
Apprentice Stage Manager Philippe Gobeille

The translation of Tu te souviendras de moi was developed with the support of The Glassco Translation Residency in Tadoussac.

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