Award winning puppet show “Beaver Dreams” coming to MainLine Theatre March 9-12

From March 9th to 12th, 2017, Montreal-based theatre company Lost & Found Puppet Co. proudly presents the bilingual show for all ages BEAVER DREAMS “La Fièvre du Castor” at the MainLine Theatre as part of the Festival de Casteliers 2017 / 12th International Festival of Puppet Theatre for Adults and Children.

This original production, presented by an all female cast, brings nature into the theatre and gives us a glimpse into the imagined world of Canada’s most iconic creature. During this interactive and innovative show combining puppetry, physical comedy, animation, and storytelling you might get splashed.

“A shtick you can sink your teeth into”

Beaver Dreams is a tale about a family beavers living on a lake in the Laurentian mountains, Quebec. Be a part of their daily activities; eating wood, building dams, family feuds, dreaming. Also inhabiting the area, is a family of humans who experience a collective nightmare depicting the threat of development on their perfect nature paradise. Every summer, one chore must be done – break the beaver dam. An epic battle of construction and destruction. We share a world together; what if the beavers were thinking the same as us?

Featuring puppetry, clowning, storytelling, animation, and water on stage! You’ll literally get wet watching this show.

WINNER of the Mainline Theatre Creativity Award and the Montreal Festival of Clowns Award, NOMINATED for Most Promising English Company (Segal Center for Performing Arts), Freestanding Room Award for Making Big Things Happen in Small Spaces, and Best English Production (Centaur Theatre) Award

Maggie Winston: Producer, Designer, Actor.
Anne Lalancette: Director.
Rae-Anna Maitland: Actor.
Kendal Zier: Sound Designer.
Molly Winston: Animator and media designer

Thursday, March 9th 8PM
Friday, March 10th 8PM
Saturday, March 11th 4PM & 8PM
Sunday, March 12th 4PM

Mainline Theatre | 3997 St-Laurent, just below of Duluth

$22- Adults | $20- AQM members | $16- Kids under 13
$15- Groups of 10 or more

All tickets available at
(tickets available at for March 11th 4PM ONLY)

 Box Office: 514-849-FEST (3378) |

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