Audition Notice: We Are One presents ‘Manners’

Audition dates: Jan 28-29. Performance dates: March 24-26

We Are One presents

Manners by Nastasia Pappas-Kemps

Director: Amanda Goldberg
Stage manager: Cecilia Macdonald

We Are One is proud to be co-producing this new Canadian piece as a part of Revolution They Wrote’s 2017 Short Works Feminist Theatre and Performance Festival (March 24th, 25th and 26th) in collaboration with Mainline Theatre.

“Performers of all ethno-cultural backgrounds, diverse ages and body types are strongly encouraged to audition. We are only accepting submissions from female identifying and genderqueer people. Please note that performers who identify as genderqueer/genderfluid will be given priority to audition for the role of Sampson. We are looking to build the role of Sampson with the creative input of the actor we cast. As this is a history-based play we are looking to work closely with the performer and their experience of performative gender. We are incredibly grateful for all submissions, however, only those selected for an audition will be contacted.

Auditions – Saturday, January 28th 7:00PM – 10:00PM
Callbacks – Sunday, January 29th 11:00AM – 3:00PM
1450 Rue Guy, Montreal, H3H 0A1
Room TBA

An Earl’s daughter at an estate 3 days ride from London finds herself falling for the second footman of her father’s estate, although “footman” may not be the best way to describe her lover. As time passes, she can’t help but feel every block standing in their way.

JEAN: A privileged, spoiled girl of high stature, yearning to find her place.

SAMPSON: A humble, passive, and brave footman with a secret and difficult past.

Note: Both characters speak with a standard British accent (RP). You may chose to do your audition with or without the accent.

Please email with a headshot and resume along with MANNERS and your role of choice in the subject line. You will receive a digital copy of sides from the script along with a time slot.”

About We Are One

A Montreal based theatre company that is committed to fighting for gender equality. Founded by Elizabeth Chuprun, Emelia Hellman, and Amanda Goldberg.

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