Montreal West-End Operatic Society to recruit new members at Jan 11 open Company Meeting

New Year’s Company Meeting Invitation

Wednesday, January 11, 2017 at 7:30 p.m

The Montreal West-End Operatic Society (MWOS) is now recruiting for its upcoming season! The non-profit community theatre company is looking for candidates with singing ability and an interest in performing as well as individuals who would be interested in the production and marketing aspects of theatre. If you would like to find out what MWOS is all about and are considering joining its ranks, attend the meeting on Wednesday, January 11th.

Invitation from the MWOS President, Rod MacLeod, to All MWOSers and to Potential MWOSers:

You are cordially invited to:
A Company Meeting
for all those involved in our series of Fundraising concerts
to take place on:

Wednesday, January 11, 2017 at 7:30 p.m.
Tea and cookies will be served

RSVP: Rod MacLeod 

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss what sort of follow-up concert to ‘Around the World’ MWOS should undertake.

There has been plenty of discussion regarding possible themes and different ways to structure and market such a concert. This will be a valuable occasion on which we can all brainstorm and determine our immediate future plans.

Here are some questions for consideration:

– What should the theme be? Suggestions: Love, Spring, Money (or some combination thereof).

– Should the next concert feature more classical music? More Broadway? Other genres?

– Should the next concert feature more solos and duets, or more ensemble pieces?

– For both the above: what would you be interested in performing (either solo or ensemble)?

– What sort of time commitment would you be able to make over the next 2-3 months?

– What suggestions do you have regarding venues and the promotion of the next concert?

We value your input. Should you not be able to attend this meeting, please forward your suggestions and opinions electronically to Rod MacLeod

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