What’s On This Week: October 26-31

The Hub's top picks for this halloween season


With the Montreal English Theatre Awards Ceremony earlier this week (see the full list of winners here) and over 50 professional performances happening over the course of the next five days, we’re officially at the peak of the Montreal fall theatre season! 

Here’s our roundup of the shows worth seeing:

The party’s at the Segal

Prom Queen

Prom Queen: The Musical makes its World Premiere at the Segal Centre on Thursday, October 27th. A new mega musical based on the true story of Marc Hall, the small-town teenager who just wanted to take his boyfriend to prom, but ended up taking the Catholic School Board to court – all in the name of love! TICKETS ($32 – 65)

The Refugee Hotel presented by the Teesri Duniya Theatre Company also begins performances at the Segal Centre on Wednesday, October 26th. A dark comedy about exile, love and the settlement experience, the play chronicles the true story of hundreds of thousands of Chileans who resettled across Canada. TICKETS ($18 – 22)

It’s now or never


Chlorine presented by creature/creature at the Centaur Theatre is a ballet-within-a-play and bittersweet coming-of-age story about a boy-next-door named Nathan and the deep bond he forms with his tetraplegic neighbour, Sarah. Final performance on Saturday, October 29th. TICKETS ($25 – 28)

Mary Stuart presented at Studio Jean-Valcourt du Conservatoire is an experimental, feminist adaptation of Maria Stuart by Friedrich Schiller, highlighting the toxic masculinity of the patriarchal aides of Queen Elizabeth and would be-saviors of Mary Stuart. An extraordinary, one-of-a-kind production that closes October 30th. TICKETS ($24 – 30)

Constellations, the Centaur Theatre Company’s first production of the fall season, is a romantic quantum mechanics story and fantastical journey to parallel worlds where an unlikely couple fall in love, over and over again, in a multitude of ways. Last performance on Sunday, October 30th. TICKETS ($28 – 51)

Treat yourself 

The Halloween Tree

The Halloween Tree. Geordie Productions’ adaptation of legendary sci-fi author Ray Bradbury’s literary classic is the perfect spooky seasonal adventure for audiences young and old, telling a story of friendship, overcoming fears and celebrating life in the face of death. Presented at Concordia’s D.B. Clarke Theatre until Sunday, October 30th. TICKETS ($13 – 20)

The Rocky Horror Show returns this Halloween to the MainLine Theatre in a fully staged production of Richard O’Brien’s glam-rock, camp sic-fi-meets-sexual-exploration musical theatre masterpiece and cult classic! Final performance on Monday, October 31st. For adult audiences. TICKETS ($15 – 25)

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