Jesse Stong to present 5-day long experimental performance “♥︎puppets” from October 19-23

One man - Five days - Puppets!


From Wednesday, October 19th to Sunday, October 23rd 2016, award-winning performance artist Jesse Stong (National Theatre School of Canada, 2013) will participate in an extreme puppetry experimental performance – five days creating and performing non-stop for the public. He will live/sleep in the space with his cast of strange, furry, clay, and stringy friends in order to explore animism, visual dramaturgy, and co-presence for his Master’s thesis at Concordia University.

In a performance that will be like a mix between the Muppets and Marina Abramovic, this unique and exciting durational project will push the performer past his limits, allowing audiences the chance to witness the process of puppeteering from a dynamic postdramatic perspective.

FREE and open to the public! Stop by the MainLine Gallery (3905 St. Laurent) anytime between 9am-11pm from October 19-23 and experience this one-man, five-day exploration of animism, co-presence, and visual dramaturgy!

Jesse Stong is a practiced puppeteer and performer who recently was awarded the Michaëlle Jean Foundation Award for his puppetry workshops. His work has twice won Best of Fringe Montreal (2014, 2016). Jesse Stong would love to visit your studio with one of his puppets to discuss his passion for the art form.

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