CETM announces new project “The Kaleidoscope of Musicals” – vote to support the movement!

Deadline to vote: October 28th, 2016

Image Courtesy of CETM
Image Courtesy of CETM

Montreal, October 12th 2016. The CETM (Centre for Education and Theatre in Montreal Inc.), Montreal’s non-profit development hub for local producers and performing artists, has just announced the submission of its latest project, “The Kaleidoscope of Musicals”, to the Aviva Community Fund competition.

One story, told in 7 different ways, in 7 musicals by 7 different teams. We are bringing connective spirit and joy of musicals to the many…

CETM Artistic and Executive Director Dayane Ntibarikure describes the initiative:

“Humans have been telling stories since the dawn of time. It is at the base of our communication and sense of connection to one another. We shift details and context but overall the same universal tales continue to be expressed in an infinite myriad of ways, never to be repeated.This is a reflection of the human condition. Using the same elements of stardust, each individual is a retelling of one global story, each special and unique.

At the CETM, we have been supporting our artistic community through musical theatre and storytelling for a decade. Musical theatre is one of the most collaborative forms of live storytelling and our goal has always been to become a hub for new musical theatre development and to help new creations to reach all audiences.

The current situation is that development is not only expensive but even when it is achieved, not only do the less fortunate segments of the population have limited access to view the productions but they are also unable to pass their creations through the development cycle.

We want to change that.

We want to bring collaboration to a whole new level, one that encompasses everything and everyone!

Rather than having a limited role as spectator, musical theatre builds a special rapport between the audience member and the actors on stage. The music acts like a bridge, directly engaging the emotional body transporting the viewer directly into the story. It links everyone in the room by creating connection : the seed of communal shared experience. It is the microcosmic impulse of community development.

With The Kaleidoscope of Musicals, we want to have just that, while making the stage accessible like never before!

Over the course of a year, we will be revisiting the story of one new musical told through the eyes of different protagonists each time.

Led by a team of professionals, we will mount this one story 7 times, in 7 different ways, with 7 different casts of semi-professionals and amateurs. Furthermore, we will keep bridging the English and French communities in Montreal by having the show translated and presented as such.

Our casts will include as much diversity as possible with minorities, women, seniors and children from all backgrounds.

We will streamline our existing studio space to turn it into a small theatre space (50 seats) where we will not only rehearse but present each production.

Each show will have 3 representations and the ticket price will be per donation of any amount, making it accessible to anyone.

In every production, most rehearsals will be opened to the general audience to make them part of the process and keep it a learning experience for everybody.

As part of the development, there will also be talk-backs and discussions throughout.

This project is about creating opportunity to keep reinventing by giving a voice to different members of our community. It is also about bringing diversity and reaching out to communities and groups of people that dont necessarily get to intersect and get their voices to be heard through music, song and dance.

We believe The Kaleidoscope of Musicals will have a tremendous impact on our community because of the level of involvement it requires. Anyone will have the opportunity to have a seat at the table and partake in the wondrous act of storytelling.”

To be a part of the movement
and help make this project a reality: cast your vote at www.avivacommunityfund.org/voting/project/view/16-435

Deadline: 15,000 votes needed by October 28th, 2016!

For more information on the CETM, visit www.cetm.ca and
join the Facebook group conversation 

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