Montreal Clown Festival begins next week at the MainLine (Sep 29 – Oct 2)

The first-ever ever edition of the fest will feature 4 days of shows and events

Montreal Clown Fest

September 22, Montreal – From September 29th to October 2nd MainLine Theatre and MainLine Gallery will play host to Montreal’s lovers of laughter. The 4-day Montreal Clown Festival brings together 8 shows, a workshop, a talk on Bouffon, an opening Gala featuring Mooky Cornish, a gong show and a closing Cabaret.

Festival founder Kendall Savage first began organizing clown cabaret’s “Les Clowns Cabaret” (at the Wiggle room) throughout the last year in association with Francine Côté’s Clown & Comedy School. Savage quickly realized that creating a space for Montreal clowns was in high demand and she took action as “no one else at the moment is doing it…Montreal is the circus capital of Canada, and as such, deserves a common gathering space for clowns to share and play”.

A local and international call to clowns was put out via the Festival’s website. The artists were programmed based on a complimentary of diverse styles, vision, and execution. What you will see: Bouffon, red nose, Pochinko and classic European styles and schools of clown.

Thursday September 29th opens the festival with The Submarine Show at 7:00 PM, with only one more opportunity to catch these Californian clowns performing on Saturday October 1st 2:00 PM. They will also be leading a workshop Warped Mirror: Partners in Clown from Thursday September 29th to Saturday October 1st .

Join in the fun! Tickets for shows are 15 $ each and the All Access Pass is 45 $ (limited passes available). Local clown favorites such as Les Bunheads & friends and Soizick Hébert & Frédérick Desroches present alongside Yury Ruzhyev (No Elephant Show, Toronto), Greg Sadetsky (La Porte Française, Quebec City) and Priscilla Costa (Mona Monaé, Vancouver).


Janie Pinard, Vanessa Kneale, Jan Dutler, Héloïse Binette et Marc Rowland (Bunheads & Friends) ·  Soizick Hébert et Frédérick Desroches (Soizick Hébert & Frédérick Desroches) · Krin Haglund (The Rendez-vous) · Bianca Mase (Bianca Mase) ·  Priscilla Costa (Mona Monaé: A saucy Plate of Sass with an Extra Side of Ass!) · Thomas Monahan (Nothing, Something and Anything) · Mélanie Raymond (Wanted) · Greg Sadetsky (La Porte Française) ·  Lawrence Smythe (The Rigolo Show) ·  Slater Penney et Jaron Aviv Hollander (The Submarine Show) · Tamara Bousquet et Philippe Trépanier (Tam & Phil) · Yury Ruzhyev (No Elephant Show)

Montreal Clown Fest

For tickets, the full festival calendar, and more information, visit:

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