Early bird application to the 2017 Montreal Fringe Festival begins this Monday, September 5th

Montreal Fringe 2016

Read the official announcement and get full details on the Fringe website.


Applications to the 2017 St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival will be available online starting 6pm (Eastern), Monday September 5th. To get the ball rolling, the festival committee will accept a handful of applications on a first-come, first-served basis.

In the two local Quebec categories, the first 8 completed applications will be accepted immediately.

In the Canadian and International categories, the first 5 completed applications will be accepted immediately.

Your application is considered complete once the following have been received:

  1. Your completed application form (via Google Forms).
  2. Your administration fee ($47.84 + taxes, via Paypal).

To accept your Early Bird slot, you’ll have to pay the full application fee within 24 hours. (See prices below.)

Please note if you miss the Early Bird cut off, your application will carry forward. Your application will be entered automatically into the November lottery (deadline for application: Thursday, November 10 at 6pm)

Full details at http://2016.montrealfringe.ca/index.php/apply-fringe-2017/?lang=en


The St-Ambroise Montreal FRINGE Festival celebrates creativity without limits. It is an annual international multidisciplinary festival that offers more than 800 performances of theatre, music, comedy, dance, spoken word by over 500 performers. Some 60,000 patrons visit this bilingual festival annually attending shows created by artists from all over the world.

In Canada, all FRINGE Festivals are members of the Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals. Together, we follow a unique model built on four principles:

  1. No Artistic Direction. Artists are selected by lottery or on a first-come, first-served basis.
  2. No Censorship. Artists have complete freedom to present ANYTHING.
  3. Accessibility to artists. Anyone can apply to the lottery and the fees are kept low.
  4. Accessibility to audience. Ticket prices are kept low & 100% of the ticket price is returned to the artists.

For more info, visit the Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals home page: www.fringefestivals.com

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